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March 2017

Independence means everything

Assistive technologies help tackle the challenges posed by ageing and disabilities

What immediately comes to mind when evoking active assisted living (AAL) is that it is essential in helping senior citizens keep as good a quality of life as possible. The focus is...

January 2017

Aiming for 100% interoperability

Standards are part of the solution to make smart everything fully connected

The past year may not have seen significant breakthroughs in the tech world but 2017 is promising some interesting technological developments.

January 2017

Aiming for 100% interoperability

Standards are part of the solution to make smart everything fully connected

The past year may not have seen significant breakthroughs in the tech world but 2017 is promising some interesting technological developments.

November 2016

What makes energy smart?

Energy-efficient technological advances will benefit everyone

Energy in itself is not smart. What makes it smart then? The numerous technological advances that allow companies and household to use energy more efficiently.

October 2016

Smart assistance

IEC takes systems approach for standardization in Active Assisted Living

One of the emerging trends of the 21st century is the ageing of the world population. 

August 2016

Electricity access is key

Message from Frans Vreeswijk, IEC General Secretary & CEO

IEC work impacts all aspects of life. Electricity and electronics are the cornerstone for all economies in developing and developed countries. IEC International Standards together with...

June 2016

Front row seats

Enjoy the Olympic Games and the 2016 Euro championship as never before

This year is rich in world sports events. The Euro 2016 championship will see 24 football teams compete for the European Champion title from 10 June to 10 July. A month later, from 5 to...

May 2016

AR, VR or both?

Cutting-edge technologies may well affect everyone’s life in the near future

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies are still at an early development stage but evolving at an extremely rapid pace. Will one prevail over the other in future?...

April 2016

Going all electric soon?

The electrification of urban transport is underway

Growing concern about the adverse impact of noxious emissions from internal combustion engines is driving the electrification of public means of urban transportation on roads and,...

March 2016

mHealth on the rise

Mobile healthcare is transforming the medical environment

Mobile technology is affecting almost every facet of our lives, at home, in the workplace and everywhere in between. The emergence of smart devices in the last decade has also had a...

January 2016

The future starts today

Striving to make the world a better place

Do we have a better life with the thousands of connected devices that we have at our disposal today? Do inventors and designers create new needs in customers when they bring a new...

December 2015

IEC present on five continents

The General Meeting paves the way for the future of the IEC

Traditionally, the December issue of e-tech provides feedback on the IEC General Meeting (GM), held in Minsk, Belarus, on 12-16 October 2015.

November 2015

Taking good care

Safety and security measures keep on being heightened to ensure utmost protection at any given moment

In our post-9/11 world, safety and security have been top priorities. We want safety and security at all times. From applications on our smartphones to complex electrical and electronic...

October 2015

Electricity drives everything

Message from Frans Vreeswijk, IEC General Secretary & CEO

IEC work continues to grow in importance. Today, electricity drives everything. It is unseen but indispensable. So normal that many of us never think about it.

September 2015

Smart, smarter, smartest

Why it is essential for cities and energy to become smarter

To deliver services and maintain an acceptable quality of life for their citizens, cities need to get smarter and make more efficient use of resources.

June 2015

How to make the most of energy resources

Technological advances help create, distribute, harvest and store the energy that we need

This June/July issue not only deals with energy, it also marks the launch of the new e-tech website. To learn more about the features the site offers, please read the article in this...

May 2015

Billions of connections

How manufacturing can benefit from Big Data and IoT

The May issue of e-tech focuses on manufacturing and Big Data.

April 2015

Dream today, reality tomorrow

In transportation, the future is not too far away

The focus of the April edition of IEC e-tech is on transportation.

March 2015

The power of protection

Protection, safety and performance central to IEC work

The focus of the March edition of IEC e-tech is on dependability and enclosures.

January 2015

Multimedia and consumer electronics

The world is a giant network connecting everyone and everything

The focus of the January/February edition of IEC e-tech is on multimedia and consumer electronics.

December 2014

Getting ready for new challenges

The General Meeting paves the way for the future of the IEC

Traditionally, the December issue of e-tech provides feedback on the IEC GM (General Meeting), held in Tokyo, Japan, this year.

November 2014

Cooperation towards a Smarter World

Message from Frans Vreeswijk, IEC General Secretary & CEO

Everything from grids, to cities, to transportation and manufacturing is to become smarter. Smart is often associated with information and communication technology. But the gathering...

October 2014


A must for today’s “Made in the World” products

Even if the packaging of the brand-new device you just acquired indicates that it was made in a specific country, you can be assured that it isn’t quite the whole picture. Chances are...

August 2014

Nanotechnologies and printed electronics

Smaller and more powerful than ever

Not a month goes by without new technological developments and new applications in the fields of nanotechnologies and printed electronics.

June 2014

Better energy use and storage

Making more with less and stocking energy for later use is the key to more sustainable energy generation

The focus of the June/July edition of IEC e-tech is on energy harvesting and storage.

May 2014

Energy at the core of IEC activities

Longstanding and leading involvement in electrotechnical standardization

The focus of the May edition of IEC e-tech is on energy generation.

April 2014

The healthcare revolution

State-of-the-art technological developments open up new perspectives

Healthcare is undergoing nothing short of a revolution with key advances in long-established technologies and major development in new areas which all depend on electrotechnology.

March 2014

Smarter, safer transportation for all

IEC standardization and conformity assessment work essential to modern transportation modes

The March issue of e-tech focuses on transportation, from the role of the IEC in the automotive industry to new modes of urban transportation and maglev (magnetic levitation) high-speed...

January 2014

Connected 24/7

Smarter and smaller devices help us monitor every aspect of our lives

The 2014 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show), held on 7-10 January 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, lived up to its reputation, showcasing not only products that have...

December 2013

Focus on IEC General Meeting

2013 IEC General Meeting, New Delhi, India

This issue of e-tech summarizes much of the 2013 IEC GM (General Meeting) proceedings in New Delhi, India.

November 2013

Smart Grids, Smart Cities

IEC major contribution to Smart Grids worldwide

The November edition of e-tech focuses on Smart Grids and Smart Cities.

August 2013

Lighting and lasers

New, energy-efficient lighting solutions

The August/September issue of e-tech will focus on lighting and lasers.

July 2013

Marine and hydro energy

From oceans and rivers to grids and homes

This issue reviews some of the technologies developed and deployed to gather power from oceans and rivers throughout the world and explains the role of IEC TC 114 and several other...

June 2013

Supersmall, superfast

IEC Standardization work makes it possible

Mini, pico, nano, micro are prefixes that are getting ever more common in the electrotechnology world. They are used to describe components, such as MEMS (micro-electromechanical...

May 2013

Medical equipment

Keeping healthy and safe

This month, e-tech focuses on standardization work and conformity assessment for certain types of medical electrical equipment and systems.

April 2013


Driving and flying made safe

The April issue of e-tech will focus on transportation and more specifically on EVs (electric vehicles), be they electric cars or electric urban transport vehicles.

March 2013

Natural and transient phenomena

IEC International Standards provide protecticve measures

The forces of nature have to be reckoned with at all times. Whether a solar storm, water, dust or a heat wave, they can cause major damage. For centuries, inventors, scientists and...

January 2013

Smart getting smarter

Electronic assistance at our service

The 2013 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show), held on 8-11 January 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, lived up to its reputation, showcasing not only products that have...

December 2012

Focus on IEC General Meeting

2012 IEC General Meeting, Oslo, Norway

This issue of e-tech summarizes much of the 2012 IEC General Meeting proceedings in Oslo, Norway.

November 2012

Power generation & transmission

Safety and reliability of power supplies

Hurricane Sandy, which hit the US Eastern seaboard, after having wrecked devastation in many countries and islands in the Caribbean region, offered a stark reminder of the central role...

August 2012

Message from IEC General Secretary and CEO

The importance of your work and of the IEC is increasing

IEC General Secretary and CEO Ronnie Amit will hand over the reins to his successor Frans Vreeswijk at the IEC General Meeting in Oslo, Norway. Amit talks about the IEC and how it has...

December 2011

Message from the IEC General Secretary & CEO

A year of many changes for the IEC

2011 was a busy and an exciting year for the IEC. We completed the Masterplan, which will guide the IEC’s strategy and actions for the coming years.

November 2011

Cables and connectors

Making the link

Components such as cables and connectors are such essential elements of any electrotechnical system that we tend to take them entirely for granted. All products and systems rely heavily...

October 2011

A clear mission and vision

And the need to spread the word

IEC International Standards and CA (Conformity Assessment) Systems are fundamental to international trade. Today, most companies who want to build products that will be accepted...

August 2011

Sustainable manufacturing

Increasing production efficiency

The face of manufacturing is changing. The Western world is confronted with economic and monetary constraints that make it harder to maintain the production levels of the past few years...

July 2011

From automation to robotic assistance

Many industry sectors rely on robots for repetitive tasks and high level of precision

The July e-tech takes a look at automation and the advent of robotics in daily life.

June 2011

Smarter, more efficient

How buildings and offices can contribute to the energy quest

Buildings are huge end-users of energy. Figures for OECD countries, even on the basis of the most conservative of estimates, show that the building sector accounts for at least 25 % of...

May 2011

Do-it-yourself – safely

The power tool market is booming

With summer at the Northern Hemisphere’s doorstep, people are moving increasingly outside. Hard at work in their gardens, they're getting out the barbecues, preparing their pools and...

April 2011

Electrified transport

Issues at stake for EVs

The price of oil continues to rise – it hit almost $120 in March 2011. As people become more conscious of the implications of climate change, so the motor industry looks to the EV...