Officers of IEC Consultative Committees

By Claire Marchand

In addition to its TCs (Technical Committees) the IEC has a number of SGs (Strategic Groups) and Advisory Committees that report to the SMB (Standardization Management Board). This month e-tech announces two nominations to these committees.

ACEA acts as an advisor to SMB on environmental matters.

SMB SG 1 Energy efficiency and renewable resources

SG 1 was established by the SMB (Standardization Management Board) in 2007 to look at current developments in energy efficiency and renewable resources, and set out the IEC’s standardization work in these areas. Its terms of reference are:

  • to analyze the status quo in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources (existing IEC standards, on-going projects)
  • to identify “white spots”/gaps/opportunities and find new ways of achieving energy efficiency in the electrotechnical domain
  • to set objectives for electrical energy efficiency (EEE) in products and systems
  • to formulate recommendations for further action

The SMB has approved the nomination of Atsushi Takakuwa as Japanese member to SMB SG 1, replacing Morihiro Taba. Takakuwa is a deputy director, Technical Regulations, Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy Division, at METI (Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). He is in charge of the standardization of strategic areas that include Smart-Grid, Smart-City and energy efficiency.

ACEA Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects

ACEA, which reports to the SMB, considers all aspects of the protection of the natural environment against detrimental impacts from a product, group of products or a system that uses electrotechnology, including electronics and telecommunications.

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) aspects are excluded from its remit, as they are covered by ACEC (Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility).

The SMB has approved the nomination of Mark Frimann for a first term of office as member of ACEA to replace Robert Friedman as the USNC (United States National Committee) representative. Frimann’s term of office runs from 2011-09-01 to 2014-08-31. Frimann works in Product Stewardship Management for Texas Instruments Semiconductor Corporate Quality Member Group, US. The role addresses the growing needs of customers and increasing regulatory requirements.

e-recycling_acea ACEA acts as an advisor to SMB on environmental matters.
thermostat_sg1 Digital thermostats help reduce energy use.