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Dynamic moves for customer satisfaction

By Philippa Martin-King

The IEC Webstore is structured so as to allow users to purchase IEC publications directly in either electronic or paper format. It also provides access to a broad range of additional information on International Standards for electrical, electronic and related technologies. The free preview function and advanced search tools make the IEC Webstore the ideal place for anyone who is looking for material on a set subject, needing to search for the latest publication concerning a particular technology, for a standard produced by a specific TC (Technical committee) or for information linked to ICS Codes, publication date references and so on.

Order on the IEC Webstore and win one of the 10 innovative IEC design objects

A chance to win an exclusive IEC design object

This month, the IEC Webstore has launched an end-of-year competition. From now until the end of 2011, any customer who places an order on the IEC Webstore has the chance to win one of the latest, innovative and most exclusive IEC design objects.

Save 15 percent on publications

There's news too for Corporate users. Opening a Corporate account entitles you to a 15 % bonus credit to be used on future purchases.

How to benefit from the special Corporate rate
 To benefit from this service, become a Corporate customer by paying an advance minimum sum of CHF 1 500.-. In return we'll credit your account with an additional sum, equivalent to 15 % of your initial payment, that you can use for all your future purchases. Once we've received your payment we'll supply you with a special login and password that allows you to download IEC publications from the IEC Webstore and we'll automatically debit the cost of future orders from your remaining balance.

Also for customers purchasing without a credit card
 A Corporate account is also very helpful for those customers who do not want to or cannot use a credit card for their purchases. Contact the Customer Service Centre for further information.

Keep up-to-date on the latest news with Twitter

The IEC Customer Service team are fervent users of social media. To allow you to keep track of what is available from the IEC Webstore on a daily basis, they've set up a Twitter account. gives you access to the IEC Customer Service page where you can become an IEC Customer Service follower. You can Tweet @iec_csc to ask the team a publicly visible question, or send them a personal message. You can re-Tweet to your colleagues or add the page to your own personal list, allowing others to benefit from your discovery and learn about what is happening in the world of electrotechnical standardization.

Recent Tweet concerns high-voltage switchgear and controlgear

On 24 October 2011, the IEC Webstore released the new edition of IEC 62271-200, High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 200: AC metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52 kV. This is a particularly popular publication that specifies requirements for prefabricated metal enclosed switchgear and controlgear. Enclosures may include fixed and removable components or be filled with fluid (liquid or gas) to provide insulation.

This latest publication includes changes to definitions and classifications and more precise testing procedures. Specific ratings related to fault level to earth have been introduced. There's now an optional rating "cable test voltage" included together with the associated requirements and type tests. Solid insulated high-voltage parts are no longer considered on their own so more specific guidance is given as to the test arrangement, room simulation and arc initiation for testing internal arc classifications, including single phase to earth ignition.

Purchasing IEC collections of standards with a single click

IEC standards’ series have always been extremely popular; some of them feature regularly on the list of bestselling publications. Indeed, customers who purchase IEC standards that are part of a series tend to buy more than one publication in that specific series, or, in many cases, the complete collection of publications.

Always at the forefront of developments in a rapidly and constantly evolving IT environment, the IEC Webstore responds to feedback from its community, customers and experts alike. Since there is a real market need behind the trend for series of publications, the IEC offers some of its bestselling series of standards as packages. Purchasing the whole collection is a one-click affair: quick, simple and cost-effective.

Customers buying these packages benefit from a 15 % discount on the total price of the series. Even better, when the same customers return to buy new publications, editions and relevant amendments to the series, the 15% discount continues to apply.

The series of standards are available from the IEC Webstore as .zip files or on a CD-ROM.

Eight new series collections are now available. Order any of the 20 series and get all parts with a 15 % discount.

enter_to_win Order on the IEC Webstore and win one of the 10 innovative IEC design objects
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CD label 2011 When buying complete collections of IEC International Standards, you benefit from a 15 % discount on the total price.