Council Statutory Session

Report on elections, appointments and other statutory issues

By Claire Marchand

Council, the supreme governing body of the IEC, held its meeting on Friday 28 October 2011 during the IEC General Meeting in Melbourne. The morning session was dedicated to the statutory issues of the Commission.

IEC Officers From left: Hiromichi Fujisawa, Vice-President and CAB Chairman, Jacques Régis, Immediate Past President, Klaus Wucherer, President, Ronnie Amit, General Secretary & CEO, Olivier Gourlay, Treasurer, James E. Matthews, Vice-President and SMB Chairman, and Enno Liess, Vice-President and MSB Convenor

Statutory issues concerned the election/appointment of

  • Future General Secretary and CEO of the IEC
  • Treasurer
  • Chairman of the CAB (Conformity Assessment Board) and IEC Vice-President
  • Five Members of the Council Board
  • Three Members of the SMB (Standardization Management Board)
  • Four Members of the CAB

Other principal items on the agenda

  • The General Secretary’s report on the past year’s operations (see e-tech article)
  • Financial matters
  • A report from the Council Board, as well as separate reports from the three Vice-Presidents on SMB, CAB and MSB (Market Strategy Board) activities (see e-tech articles on SMB, CAB and MSB)
  • Forthcoming GMs (General Meetings)

Before moving on to the meeting’s agenda items, Council expressed its warm appreciation to the Organizing Committee and the Australian National Committee for their excellent organization of the 75th IEC General Meeting and for the generous hospitality extended to IEC delegates in Melbourne.


Council approved the recommendation of the selection committee that Frans Vreeswijk be appointed as IEC General Secretary and CEO as of 1 October 2012, in succession to the current CEO Ronnie Amit. To ensure a smooth transition, he will commence his duties in Central Office as Deputy General Secretary on 1 March 2012.

Election results

Åke Danemar of Sweden was elected IEC Treasurer for a three-year term of office (2012-2014), succeeding Olivier Gourlay who will complete his second and final term at the end of 2011.

Hiromichi Fujisawa of Japan was re-elected Chairman of the Conformity Assessment Board for a second three-year term of office (2012-2014).

The following Council Board Members were elected / re-elected for a three-year term of office (2012-2014)

  • Charlotte Brogren (Sweden)
  • Thembani Bukula (South Africa)
  • Kaphong Choi (Republic of Korea)
  • Paul Coebergh van den Braak (Netherlands)
  • Fabián Yaksic (Brazil)

The SMB Members elected / re-elected for a three-year term of office (2012-2014) were:

  • Keith Rodel (Canada)
  • Myoung-Jae Shin (Republic of Korea)
  • Pablo Corróns (Spain)

The CAB Members elected / re-elected for a three-year term of office (2012-2014) were:

  • Shawn Paulsen (Canada)
  • Uwe Kampet (Germany)
  • Toshiyuki Kajiya (Japan)
  • Ted Gaertner (Netherlands)

Financial matters

Olivier Gourlay, IEC Treasurer, reported on the financial situation of the IEC.

Council approved the audited accounts of the Commission for 2010 as well as the transfer of the surplus accruing from 2010 operations to the special fund for future investments. Council also approved the proposed budget and distribution of national dues for 2012.

Future General Meetings

  • 76th General Meeting:
     Oslo, 1 to 5 October 2012, hosted by the Norwegian NC
  • 77th General Meeting
    New Delhi, 21 to 25 October 2013, hosted by the Indian NC
  • 78th General Meeting:
     Council officially accepted the invitation of the Japanese National Committee to host the 2014 General Meeting in Tokyo from 10 to 14 November

Although Council can only officially accept invitations from National Committees up to three years in advance, many Members have already declared their intention to host a future IEC GM:

  • 79th General Meeting
     The Malaysian NC intends to make an invitation for 2015
  • 80th General Meeting
    Germany has expressed an interest in hosting the event in 2016
  • 81st General Meeting
     The Russian Federation has stated its intention to invite the IEC for the 2017 GM

Thereafter, the Chinese, Swedish and Korean IEC National Committees have expressed an interest in hosting the GM in the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 respectively.

spec-8_fv_lrg_web Frans Vreeswijk was appointed as IEC General Secretary and CEO as of 1 October 2012
spec-8_ad_lrg_web Åke Danemar was elected IEC Treasurer for a three-year term (2012-2014)
spec-8_hf_lrg_web Hiromichi Fujisawa re-elected Chairman of the CAB for a second three-year term of office (2012-2014)