Electric future

IEC President addresses Council

By Zoë Smart

For the first time in his function as IEC President, Dr Klaus Wucherer addressed the IEC Council.

The Masterplan outlines the IEC's objectives moving forward

Close to the IEC all his working life

In his speech, Wucherer underlined that as an engineer and industrialist he has been in contact with the IEC in one way or another throughout most of his working life. He contributed to IEC work through his company and the National Committee and was an industry customer for IEC products and services. Wucherer expressed his sentiment that the IEC is inseparably linked with its customers and the global market place. He stated that the IEC’s ability to plan for the long term and the strong leadership of his predecessors and the Council at large, allows the Commission to remain strong and weather the economic storm that is currently raging. Planning for the long term is key in this respect.

Masterplan: strategic input of stakeholders highly appreciated

Wucherer thanked the National Committees, industry leaders and associations, government officials, service providers and academics for their contributions, which allow the Commission to identify the issues and challenges that lie ahead, and help it to formulate the relevant strategies that are expressed in the Masterplan, which was distributed at the General Meeting.

He emphasized that the Masterplan is not intended to be a perfect document. It provides a framework that guides the Commission, helps it to set goals and identify a number of actions that allow it to reach those objectives.

Need to increase awareness of IEC value

Wucherer further underlined that while standards and conformity assessment systems will remain essential for industry, governments and other end-users, the IEC’s involvement cannot remain static. In this increasingly competitive world, the IEC, in addition to providing a high level of efficiency and service, will also need to openly assert its expertise, capabilities and experience. It needs to actively build awareness of the value it adds amongst leaders in the private and public sectors.

"Wherever there is electricity, the IEC needs to be involved."

Klaus Wucherer,
 IEC President

Wucherer thanked his fellow Officers for their contributions and sound advice over the past year and Ronnie Amit and his team for maintaining a continuous high level of performance.

He closed his speech by underlining the growing importance of the IEC: “Electricity is omnipresent, in components, products, systems, and its importance is growing. Electricity is our core area of expertise, and it is part of everybody’s future. Wherever there is electricity, the IEC needs to be involved.”

Klaus Wucherer IEC President, Klaus Wucherer addressing the IEC Council at the General Meeting in Melbourne
globe_with_lights "Wherever there is electricity the IEC needs to be involved" Klaus Wucherer, IEC President
road The Masterplan outlines the IEC's objectives moving forward