Finance matters

Calm in the economic storm

By Gabriela Ehrlich

At the Council meeting, IEC President Dr Klaus Wucherer thanked Olivier Gourlay, who will be completing his second and final term as IEC Treasurer at the end of 2011, for his support and commitment to the IEC.

The IEC has been able to weather the world economic crisis

He underlined that Gourlay’s extensive experience and calm nature were especially appreciated. With his help, the IEC had been able to weather the world economic crisis and concentrate on supporting its community with new tools and services, while reducing the member’s financial burden.

The Treasurer has an important role in the IEC, having sole responsibility to Council for the Commission’s finances. He guides the IEC in all financial matters, answering to Council for the soundness of the budget that is based on the indications supplied by the General Secretary and presenting his observations on the annual audited financial reports.

Gourlay was elected as Treasurer at the 2005 General Meeting In Cape Town, South Africa, and started his first of two three-year terms on 1 January 2006.

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, one of the leading engineering universities in France, Gourlay has held several high-level management positions in Nuclear Engineering and the Distribution Division at EDF (Electricité de France), where he started his career in the mid-1970s. He also worked for three years with the World Bank in Washington, DC, as task manager on several energy projects in Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova and Belarus, where he was in charge of coordinating international assistance agencies in rehabilitation and privatization programmes with national Governments.

Following an assignment at EDF Headquarters on IT protection, security and confidentiality, he was appointed Managing Director for Standardization at the EDF Research & Development Division in 2003, a position that he continues to occupy.

Gourlay is also President of UTE, the French National Committee of the IEC.


olivier_gourlay Olivier Gourlay will complete his final term as IEC Treasurer at the end of 2011
stock_market The IEC has been able to weather the world economic crisis
world_bank Gourlay worked at the World Bank in Washington DC, USA