The Thick Redline

Keeping track of power cables

By Morand fachot

As minds and news are now predominantly focussed on power generation and conservation, comparatively little attention is paid to power cables. Yet these are a central part of the overall electrical power system. IEC TC (Technical Committee) 20 – Electric cables, prepares International Standards for insulated electrical power and control cables and their accessories and the cable systems used in wiring and in power generation, distribution and transmission.

Power cable_org
Installing power cable (Photo: Nexans Deutschland Industries GmbH)

Official and Redline

TC 20 has recently released new editions of two International Standards, IEC 60840 and IEC 62067, concerning test methods and requirements for power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories.

These International Standards are available as official publications and Redline versions with track changes, the latter designated S+ IEC 60840 and S+ IEC 62067. Redline versions (available in English only) provide users with a quick and easy way of comparing all the changes between standards and their previous edition.

First introduced in 2008, Redline versions are now available for 15 International Standards.

Extensive tests

S+ IEC 60840, Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages above 30 kV up to 150 kV and S+ IEC 62067 ed2.0, its counterpart for similar cables for rated voltages above 150 kV up to 500 kV, specify all the test methods and requirements for these categories of cables.

They set out the test conditions, the types of routine and sample tests (such as discharge or voltage tests, lightning impulse or water penetration), and the requirements and tests on insulation material and sheathing, to name just a few.

These International Standards cover specific tests for components and accessories as well as for complete cable systems. They include details of general and specific electrical tests after installation too.

Crossing the Redline

Given the very wide scope of these International Standards, and the extent of the changes introduced in the latest editions, they will prove essential for cable producers as well as for designers and manufacturers of systems using power cables rated above 30 kV up to 500 kV.

They would undoubtedly benefit from the added value provided by Redline versions of these International Standards: feedback from users and experts indicates that they are both helpful and highly valued.

Power cable_org Installing power cable (Photo: Nexans Deutschland Industries GmbH)
redline_standard_cover S+ IEC 60840 Redline version
lv_cable_org Installing power cable (Photo: Nexans Deutschland Industries GmbH)