LARC celebrates its 5-year anniversary

Working to enhance participation in the Latin America region

By Zoë Smart

On 7 May, IEC-LARC (Latin America Regional Centre) celebrated its 5 years of existence with a cocktail reception organised during the COPANT (Pan American Standards Commission) General Assembly which took place in Fortaleza, Brazil. Representatives of National Committees from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Mexico and the US, as well as COPANT delegates and the IEC’s Amaury Santos, Frans Vreeswjik and Jacques Régis were present to mark the occasion.

LARC 2012 May photo 2
Amaury Santos (left) and Iris Szterenlicht (right) are in charge of the São Paulo office

Strengthening our presence in Latin America

IEC-LARC was inaugurated in May 2007, following in the steps of IEC-ReCNA (Regional Centre for North America) and IEC-APRC (Asia-Pacific Regional Centre) which were established in 2001 and 2002 respectively to promote awareness of the IEC and provide support to TCs in their region. IEC-LARC was set up to actively encourage the use of IEC International Standards and Conformity Assessment Schemes and to enhance participation of countries in the Latin America region. 

Amaury Santos, Regional Manager and Iris Szterenlicht are in charge of the office in São Paulo, Brazil.

In 2006 there were three IEC Full Members in the region, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico and 1 IEC Associate Member, Colombia. Today, Chile and Colombia have joined the list of IEC Full Member countries and Cuba is an IEC Associate Member. IEC-LARC also works closely with the Latin American countries that participate in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme, notably countries of the Andean Community and Central America in liaison with Carlos Rodrigues, Affiliate Coordinator for Latin America.

IEC-LARC also provides support to FINCA (Forum of IEC National Committees of the Americas) and works continuously on strengthening ties with COPANT.

Looking to the future

Moving forward IEC-LARC aims to continue informing and guiding countries in the region about the work of the IEC, encouraging them to actively participate in standardization work. As Amaury Santos puts it “we are now entering a new phase, in which our actions are enhanced by the possibilities offered through virtual meetings. We look forward to increasing the level of participation and knowledge about the IEC even further”.

LARC 2012 May photo 2 Amaury Santos (left) and Iris Szterenlicht (right) are in charge of the São Paulo office
Banner IEC LARC small IEC-LARC celebrated its 5th anniversary with a cocktail reception held during the COPANT General Assembly
Latin America The building in which the IEC-LARC office is housed