Energy-saving electroheating

New Chairman for IEC TC 27

By Zoë Smart

The nomination of Sven Linow as Chairman of IEC TC (Technical Committee) 27: Industrial electroheating and electromagnetic processing has been approved by SMB (Standardization Management Board). Linow will begin his term on 1 August 2012 for a period of 6 years.

Sven Linow, new Chairman of TC 27 (Photo: Heraeus Noblelight)

A very promising process

TC 27 has been preparing International Standards relating to industrial electroheating installations since the 1960s. Electroheating is used in the production and processing of a variety of materials, from metal and glass to paper and foodstuffs and is increasingly being chosen over fossil fuel processes for its speed, lower production costs and energy efficiency. Electroheating equipment also offers a broad variety of heating methods with a particularly wide range of power and frequencies that can be utilized in developing technologies such as nanotechnologies, optoelectronics, photovoltaics and re-processing of wastes and dangerous products which require unique or very precise methods of heating.

About Sven Linow

Sven Linow is head of R&D in the Industrial Process Technology division of Heraeus Noblelightand holds a PhD in mechanical engineering. He is a member of DKE K362, the German national mirror committee of IEC TC 27 and contributes as an expert to WG (Working Group) 30: Industrial infrared electroheating installations and MT (Maintenance Team) 18.

fam-2_linow_lrg Sven Linow, new Chairman of TC 27 (Photo: Heraeus Noblelight)
Furnaces Electroheating is used for the processing of a large variety of materials; in this case, glass (Photo: CassoSolarTechnologies)
textiles01 Fabric is another material that can be treated using electroheating technologies (Photo: CassoSolarTechnologies)