TC 120 for smart grid integration

EES (Electrical Energy Storage) Systems to be focus

By Morand Fachot

Recognizing that the proportion of RE (Renewable Energy) is likely to increase in all major electricity markets, but that large-scale incorporation of RE into existing electricity grids remains complex, the IEC has created IEC TC (Technical committee) 120: EES (Electrical Energy Storage) Systems.


RE integration into grid is paramount

The aim of the new TC 120 is to accelerate the integration of RE into the grid and to enable a more reliable and efficient supply of electrical energy. As successful RE integration depends on Electrical Energy Storage, small and big centralized and decentralized EES systems will become increasingly important to meet growing global energy needs.

EES systems will also become a crucial element of Smart Grids. With them utilities will be able to store more energy for ulterior consumption. Utilities will also be able to maintain a reliable energy supply by controlling fluctuations in energy demand and support users during network failures. Finally, EES will allow utilities to adjust power quality, frequency and voltage. Overall EES will make energy supply more efficient.

EES International Standards needed

Up until now there is no organization that covers the standardization of entire EES systems. TC 120 will oversee the development of International Standards that address all different EES technologies in a systems approach. It will apply use cases and develop architectures and roadmaps to support industry in building affordable and reliable EES systems that can be incorporated into existing grids anywhere in the world.

The Technical Committee will also address aspects such as safety and environmental compatibility. This will help countries to access practical technologies to integrate more RE into their electricity grids and stimulate smart electrification.

IEC White Papers address grid integration

The IEC has recently published two White Papers on EES. These provide important insights for industry, researchers and policy makers.

Grid integration of large-capacity – Renewable Energy sources and use of large-capacity Electrical Energy Storage

This White Paper, by the IEC MSB (Market Strategy Board), analyzes the role of large-capacity EES to integrate large-capacity RE sources.

Electrical Energy Storage

This White Paper, by the IEC MSB, analyzes the role of energy storage in electricity use and identifies all available technologies. It summarizes present and future market needs for EES technologies, reviews their technological features, and finally presents recommendations for all EES stakeholders. 

wind_turbines Large-scale incorporation of RE (Renewable Energy) into grids is a challenge
substation TC 120 aims to help make energy supply more efficient through standardization for EES
tc-3_white_papers_lrg The IEC has recently issued two White Papers on Electrical Energy Storage