Standardization for Smart Grids and Electric Mobility

Introducing Frens Jan Rumph of the Netherlands

By Janice Blondeau

This second 2012 IEC Young Professional Leader profile introduces Frens Jan Rumph, who brings a research perspective to international standardization. He works specifically in the fields of Smart Grid and Electronic Mobility.

Frens Jan Rumph

A research perspective on International Standards

With a background in computer science, Frens Jan Rumph started his professional career atTNO, the largest independent Dutch research organization, in 2006. He began in the telecommunications sector, supporting the development of new concepts in business support systems for Internet-scale services.

In 2009, Rumph started to work with Smart Grids, focusing on demand and supply management systems, new energy services, their operation and management. In this area he performs research into the use of ICT in energy management/power system management. His main expertise is in information modelling, algorithms and protocols for ICT intensive service delivery architectures and service-enabling technologies which can be used in Smart Grids. The research he does helps governments, energy suppliers, energy services providers and grid operators in the development of products, services and related regulation.

"My main involvement in standardization is by bridging the technology development and research performed in my organization, TNO. This works in two directions. First, there is pull into my organization of what the state of the art and best practice is, on which we try to build. Also, involvement in standardization provides us with insights into what topics are considered important by the industry. This helps us direct our research and development. Second, there is the push – we try to disseminate the lessons we learn in our research projects to industry. The standardization community can play an important role in this,” said Rumph.

Career evolution

"During the first years of my professional career I used international telecommunication standards as I was involved in technology development around IP-based multimedia systems.”

Now Rumph participates in national and international standardization of communication and information specifications for Smart Grids and Electric Mobility.

"When I started my first projects in the Smart Grid domain a few years ago I began to learn about standardization at IEC and CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization). In 2011 I became involved in the Smart Grid Coordination Group of CENELEC,CEN (European Committee for Standardization), and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). In 2012, at the national level, I also became involved in TC (Technical Committee) 57: Power systems management and associated information exchange and TC 69: Electric road vehicles and electric industrial trucks, mirroring the committees at the IEC and CENELEC," he explained.

With a background in information and communication technology, interoperability is always an important aspect of the technology development that Rumph has been involved in. His experience with standardization started during his studies when Rumph began working with various International Standards, both technological in nature (e.g. internet communication protocols) as well as methodological (e.g. quality and requirements engineering in software intensive systems).

An opportunity to develop horizons

When asked how he became involved in the IEC Young Professionals Programme, Rumph replied, "I was invited to apply for the IEC Young Professionals programme by the NEC (IEC National Committee of the Netherlands). After going through the material provided and having a discussion with NEC’s direction, I realized that participating could help me be more successful in standardization, expand my professional network and boost my career in general."

As a message to other engineers, technicians and managers who would like to become more involved in the work of the IEC, Rumph said, "The IEC Young Professional programme is a great opportunity to learn more about the IEC, to build your professional network, and a good step into becoming more involved in a very interesting area of work which is standardization."

_DSC0791 Frens Jan Rumph
DSC_5431_2nd image During the IEC Young Professionals workshop in Oslo
PN201206-03_300dpi The research Rumph does helps governments, energy suppliers, energy services providers and grid operators in the development of products, services and related regulation (Photo: Siemens)