IEC shows a new digital face

From the beginning of April the IEC website homepage has a new look, designed to provide an improved user experience for existing and new users.

By Janice Blondeau



Navigation made simple

The new homepage has simplified navigation with tabs for Home, Work, Learn, News and Buy which bring users directly to the content they are most interested in.

Upgraded myIEC tool makes working easier

At the same time the upgraded myIEC tool is being launched. Accessed through the myIEC login, it offers the IEC community a set of personalized and role-based direct links to information, tools and applications on a single web page.

Personalized work page

If you work as a TC/SC (Technical Committee/Subcommittee) or CA (Conformity Assessment) System expert; have responsibilities in a NC (National Committee) or Affiliate, or participate in a Management Committee, you can now find all your documents and links in a single place. Users are able to customize their personal page so it responds to their specific needs.

The new homepage and the upgraded myIEC tool aim to better serve the IEC community, in line with the IEC 2011 Masterplan objective of offering the most efficient working platform to its community and other interested parties, for all their standards and Conformity Assessment needs.

Seeking your feedback

Please visit the new IEC homepage, the new myIEC (login required) and complete short survey to help IEC Central Office to continue to improve these tools. 

work myIEC offers a workspace that can be personalized
news The News section offers direct access to videos, news releases, e-tech, tweets and more
buy In the IEC Webstore Standards and publications are on sale