Nominations and extensions

Latest nominations approved by SMB

By Zoe Smart

The SMB (Standardization Management Board) has approved a number of nominations as well as the extension of the terms of office of existing Chairmen.

TC 26: electric welding has a new Chairman as of February

New chairman for TC (Technical Committee) 26

IEC TC 26: electric welding welcomed its new Chairman Josef Feichtinger at the beginning of February for a period of six years.

Feichtinger has been convenor of TC 26 WG (Working Group) 1 since 2007 and is currently Head of R&D compliance at the engineering department of Fronius Safety. He was presented with the IEC 1906 Award in 2010.

With a wealth of experience in EMC and environmental and life cycle testing, Feichtinger is ideally placed to lead TC 26 in its preparation of standards for electrical safety and EMC and EMF matters related to the construction, installation and use of equipment for electric welding. The TC’s current objectives are the improvement of the sections of its standards dealing with the safety of laymen, energy efficiency, standardized interfaces and EMF-related matters.

New ACOS members

The SMB has approved the nomination of two new ACOS (Advisory Committee on Safety) members. Jonathan Hamilton has been elected ACOS member representing TC 66: Safety of measuring, control and laboratory equipment while Thomas Kapper will be representing TC 89: Fire hazard testing.


The extensions of the terms of office of the following IEC TC Chairmen have been approved by SMB:

Ken A. Buckingham, second extension of term of office as Chairman of TC 15: Solid Electrical Insulating Materials.

Fourth extension to the term of office of Gert Bukkjaer, Chairman of TC 96: Transformers, reactors, power supply units, and combinations thereof.

Second extension of the term of office of Uberto Vercellotti, Chairman of TC 89: Fire hazard testing.

iStock_000004472108Large TC 26: electric welding has a new Chairman as of February
acos_lrg ACOS welcomed two new members, representing TC 66 and TC 89
Depositphotos_2401964_original_vote SMB has approved a number of Chairmen extensions