Profiling Dr Shu Yinbiao

3rd Vice-President of IEC

By Janice Blondeau

This e-tech article profiles Dr Shu Yinbiao, Convenor of the MSB (Market Strategy Board), and third Vice-President of the IEC. He has the responsibility of fostering the IEC’s efforts to remain close to the market.

Dr Shu Yinbiao, third Vice-President of the IEC and Convener of the Market Strategy Board.

Solid and diverse background

A senior engineer in power systems and automation, Shu was awarded his PhD from Wuhan University, China. He holds the position of President of SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China), is a member of Energy Experts Consultative Committee of the Chinese State Council, and Acting chairman of CSEE (Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering). Shu is also Chairman of IEC/MSB Chinese Experts Committee and Deputy Director of the Chinese National Energy Industry Wind Standardization Technical Committee. He is also senior member of IEEE.

He has been extensively involved in the technical research and management of power grid planning, engineering, dispatch and operation. Shu has contributed to the development and application of power grid planning technology, UHV power transmission technology, and complex power grid operation and control. He has also focussed on the integration of wind power, solar power and other new energy sources into grid technology and Smart Grid standardization.

Active in IEC work

Since 2008, Shu has already served as the secretary of IEC TC 115: High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission for DC voltages above 100 kV; he has been as a member of the SMB SG (Strategic Group) 2 on UHV (Ultra High Voltage) Technologies; and also a member of MSB.

In February 2012, following the formal end of Enno Liess’s MSB convenorship, the IEC President appointed Shu as Convenor of the Market Strategy Board. He has served in this role since then.

At the forefront of market trends

As third Vice-President of the IEC, Shu is charged with the dual responsibilities of leading the MSB membership renewal and its technology-watch effort.

The 2011 IEC Masterplan highlighted emerging markets and technologies as one of the Commission’s strategic priorities. It is the MSB that identifies the principal technological trends and market needs in the fields that IEC is active in. It sets strategies to maximize input from primary markets and points to priorities for the technical and conformity assessment work of the IEC, improving the Commission's response to the needs of innovative and fast-moving markets.

Important technology watch role

As the third pillar of the IEC management structure, the MSB works closely with the SMB (Standardization Management Board) and the CAB (Conformity Assessment Board), which all report to the CB (Council Board).

The MSB has achieved a number of important milestones including the publication of White Papers on the energy challenge, electricity energy storage and grid integration of large-scale renewables and storage.

The IEC community wishes Dr Shu every success in this challenging and important role.

Yinbiao_Shu Dr Shu Yinbiao, third Vice-President of the IEC and Convener of the Market Strategy Board.
1311 Shu has been actively involved in IEC work across MSB, TC, strategic group and national committee levels.
smart grid residential energy metre_Depositphotos_24239827_origina Smart Grid integration of wind and solar power and other renewable energy has been a focus of Shu.