The IEC family grows

South Sudan joins the IEC Affiliate Country Programme

By Aliyah Esmail

In April 2013, the Affiliate Country Programme welcomed South Sudan as its newest participant. This brings the total number of countries in the IEC family to 164

map_South Sudan
Map of South Sudan (source UNOCHA)

Increasing efficiency of infrastructure

South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in July 2011. Since gaining independence, South Sudan has struggled with developing its infrastructure and advancing industry after decades at war. One of the steps that the Ministry of Electricity and Dams has taken is to join the IEC’s Affiliate Country Programme as the country will have greater need for electricity than ever before.

The Affiliate Country Programme gives developing countries the opportunity to get involved with the IEC. Countries participating in the Programme have access to 200 free IEC International Standards for national adoption. The Affiliate Secretariat also helps them become more aware of the benefits of using International Standards and of taking an active part in their development.

Serve the national market by developing expertise

Though South Sudan does not yet have an NSB (National Standards Body), it was able to join the Affiliate Country Programme. Any organization that is entitled to identify and recommend International Standards for national adoption in the field of electrotechnology can represent the country within the Programme.

The main objectives of the Programme are to encourage developing countries to use IEC International Standards at the national level and to acquire the expertise needed to contribute to international standardization work. To meet those goals, the IEC helps Affiliates establish the necessary infrastructure, namely the NEC (National Electrotechnical Committee), involving stakeholders from the public and private sector.

The next step for South Sudan will be to bring together its stakeholders to establish a national electrotechnical committee and start benefiting from what IEC can offer to support electrification programmes and ensure electrical safety for the population.

map_South Sudan Map of South Sudan (source UNOCHA)
Aerial shot of Juba, South Sudan Aerial picture of Juba, the capital of South Sudan
South Sudan_hands in friendship The IEC will help South Sudan bring together stackholders to start benefiting from IEC support