Explosions avoided

IECEx, UNECE and IEC Brazilian NC conference on safety in the Ex field

By Aliyah Esmail

Safety is paramount when you work in Ex (explosive) areas. If equipment is not installed, maintained, inspected or repaired by competent persons and according to strict Ex standards, the results can be devastating. To help industry and regulators, IECEx the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres, will be holding a workshop on safety in Ex areas.

Oil rigs and other Ex industries have the obligation to provide the required levels of safety in equipment and personnel

Workshop to learn about Ex safety

Over the past decade, South American countries have seen growth in many Ex industries, including furniture manufacture, automotive manufacture and repair, pharmaceuticals, food processing, grain handling and storage, sugar refineries and coal mining. As a result, IECEx will be holding its annual meetings from 16 to 20 September in Fortaleza, Brazil. As part of these meetings, IECEx, the IEC National Committee of Brazil and UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) will be hosting a special one day workshop on safety in the Ex field.

The event will provide a unique opportunity for industries throughout South America to get better acquainted with IEC International Standards and Conformity Assessment Systems in general and find out how they can derive most benefit from the IECEx services. These cover Ex equipment and systems, repair and overhaul facilities, and certification of personnel competence.

The one day event's keynote address will be given by IEC President, Dr Klaus Wucherer. It will reach out to regulators and the oil, gas and mining industries in Latin America for whom knowledge of the Ex field can help them move forward safely at the same time as reducing costs.

All services are formally endorsed by the United Nations, through UNECE, as an international model for safety regulations in Ex areas. UNECE will be presenting the conclusions of its global questionnaire into regulations for the Ex field called "Common Regulatory Framework for Equipment used in Environments with an Explosive Atmosphere".

Who should attend?

The event is for experts, senior staff and professionals from any Ex industry sectors in South America who are involved in the standardization, manufacture, inspection, repair, exploitation, maintenance and overhaul of equipment as well as systems evaluation and certification of personnel competence.

Practical information

For registration and more information on the event and venues, please go to: http://www.iecex.com/fortaleza/index.html.

oil_rig_workers Oil rigs and other Ex industries have the obligation to provide the required levels of safety in equipment and personnel
iStock_000004903219Medium IECEx plays a major role in testing and certifying that equipment, systems and personnel competence meet the highest international standards of safety
iStock_000023311885XLarge Industrial automation has increased the need for electric equipment in hazardous areas like sugar refineries