World Smart Grid Forum 2013

A unique business, regulatory and technical executive perspective on the Smart Grid issue

By Claire Marchand

Registration for the World Smart Grid Forum 2013 is open. The event, which will take place in Berlin, Germany, on 23-25 September, is a great opportunity to get a different perspective on the Smart Grid issue. Don’t miss out on the early bird registration, available until 24 August!

The World Smart Grid Forum will enable experts to meet and move forward on energy efficiency.

The present and the future

The aim of the Forum is to stimulate thought processes that are freed from the technology or commercial restraints of ordinary Smart Grid events. It will build on real world cases and just the right level of technical insights to:

  • analyze and crystallize key Smart Grid success factors
  • develop the decision matrix that will bring projects to broad implementation
  • outline a clear path forward.

The challenges ahead

After establishing what the Smart Grid situation is today, the Forum will spend time identifying the future challenges posed by the development of complex interconnected and interdependent systems, including:

  • risk Management (energy security and safety)
  • implications for present day planning
  • major trends and migration steps (what, when and where)
  • potential short, medium and long-term cost savings
  • evaluation of energy efficiency potential
  • policy and regulatory requirements
  • opportunities of innovation and value creation.

Who should attend?

In hosting the World Smart Grid Forum 2013, IEC, SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China) and VDE, the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, will bring together CEOs and technical experts from the global Smart Grid scene to share their expertise, listen and learn to derive concrete lessons from Smart Grid experience so far.

The event will provide participants with a framework of interactive sessions, as well as invaluable networking opportunities with other key global stakeholders from industry, regulators and utilities.

Decisions and recommendations published in strategy paper

The concrete outcomes of the Forum will be published immediately following the event in a strategy paper comprising decisions and recommendations that will define the path towards strong Smart Grids, Smart Communities and Smart Cities.

Be part of the solution

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to draft the most efficient path forward to make the Smart Grid vision a reality. Register today!

IEC work on Smart Grids

In addition to the IEC Smart Grid Roadmap more than 100 IEC Standards have been identified as relevant to the Smart Grid. For more information visit the Smart Grid section of the IEC website.

Smart Grids are key to future energy security because without them, existing power networks will become increasingly unreliable, will not be able to integrate renewable energy sources or decentralized power generation.

wld-2_wsgf_lrg The World Smart Grid Forum will enable experts to meet and move forward on energy efficiency.
Depositphotos_27926889_original Smart Grids enable optimal electricity delivery to private houses...
iStock_000021121844Large ...but also to industries, who really benefit from International Standards.