Lighting and lasers

New, energy-efficient lighting solutions

By Claire Marchand

The August/September issue of e-tech will focus on lighting and lasers.

Urban furniture in a new light

Update, upgrade or go for new installations?

The lighting industry is in constant expansion: new technologies, global population growth, increasing urbanization, rising incomes, environmental and energy saving concerns account for the rapid evolution and growth of this particular sector.

The gradual phasing-out of incandescent light bulbs in many countries around the world has led to the development of new types of energy-efficient electric lights, be they CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) or LEDs (light-emitting diodes).

As a result, lighting for residential, commercial, industrial and public spaces is undergoing a radical transformation with the introduction of new and more energy-efficient lighting solutions. The question for all users – individuals and collectivities – is whether to buy new installations and systems or to upgrade/update existing ones.

A number of IEC TCs and SCs prepare International Standards for components and systems in the lighting industry in general, including in its management dimension. In particular, the work done by IEC TC 34 enables new types of energy-efficient light bulbs and compatible fixtures to be introduced across all sectors and domains of the lighting industry.

lighting_benches Urban furniture in a new light
glasgow_bridge_philips_communications Illuminated bridge on the River Clyde, Glasgow
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