Enhancing our digital presence

IEC website improvements

By Janice Blondeau

The IEC is constantly striving to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its online presence and working platforms. Here some of the bigger changes that have come into effect over the past months…

The IEC community can now customize a personal work page to make their experience easier.

IEC’s website homepage makeover

From the beginning of April, the IEC website homepage has enjoyed a new design and look, which aims to provide an improved user experience.

Navigation has been simplified with tabs for Home, Work, Learn, News and Buy, to bring users directly to the content they are most interested in. Feedback from the IEC community has been positive and the homepage will continue to evolve.


An upgraded myIEC tool, accessed through the myIEC login, provides the IEC community with a set of personalized and role-based direct links to information, tools and applications on a single web page. Users are now able to customize their personal work page so it responds to their specific needs.

The new homepage and upgraded myIEC tool are in line with the IEC 2011 Masterplan objectives. Our aim is to provide the most efficient working platform to the IEC community and other interested parties, for all their standards and Conformity Assessment needs.

IECQ launches new website

Faster and more accurate information is just a click away with the launch of the new IECQ website. IECQ services, publications and documents, online certificates, working groups, events and meetings are now more easily accessible.

Also the IECQ homepage has been updated to provide quick access to the most popular features, including latest news items, frequently used tools, such as the On-line Certificate System database, list of CBs (Certification Bodies), operational documents and coming events. Visit the new IECQ website at: www.iecq.org.

IEC support and feedback

Telling us what you think has become easier too. We added a new functionality: a feedback button to the IEC’s website. It is located on the top right hand side corner of the screen, making it simpler for users to ask questions, make comments and suggestions or obtain support.

A ticketing system will allow for better/faster processing and treatment of all requests coming to IEC CO (Central Office). Its public launch coincided with that of the feedback button.

Voting made easier

Another area that benefits from improved efficiency is the IEC voting system. Simultaneously, a customized voting system was built for CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization).

Under the Dresden Agreement (on common planning of new work and parallel voting), many IEC International Standards are adopted by CENELEC, and implemented nationally by their Members. Many experts participate in CENELEC and the IEC and the standards that are voted on by the two organizations are often the same. The updated system helps eliminate duplication as users can now send votes directly to the CENELEC and IEC sites without having to login and shift between two different voting platforms.

homepage The IEC website homepage has a new look and better user experience
iStock_000016855377Medium The IEC web presence gets better everyday. Go have a look!
Work The IEC community can now customize a personal work page to make their experience easier.