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IEC Young Professionals – 2013 Workshop

By Janice Blondeau

IEC NCs (National Committees) have selected their 2013 IEC YPs (Young Professionals) who will represent their country at the third YP workshop to be held during the 77th IEC General Meeting in New Delhi, India, on 21-23 October 2013.

The IEC Young Professionals workshop, Oslo, October 2012

Who are the IEC Young Professionals?

They are technical, managerial and/or engineering professionals in their 20s and 30s. They are already familiar with the world of standardization and CA (Conformity Assessment), either because they develop standards or because they use them in their work. They have all been through a selection process handled by their National Committee, in order to have a place at the IEC Young Professionals – 2013 Workshop.
 To them we say Welcome!

Wide NC support

Almost 30 NCs have registered participants for the IEC Young Professionals – 2013 workshop. For many this workshop will be their first exposure to an IEC General Meeting and to standardization and conformity assessment at such a high level.

The IEC Young Professionals programme was launched in 2010 as a means of getting Generation Y more involved in IEC activities at the start of their careers. Since then 38 National Committees have been represented in the YP programme, with participants coming from all geographical regions.

2013 workshop

The 2013 workshop takes into account feedback received from participants of previous year’s activities. It starts with a welcome gathering on the first evening and then follows a programme that gives both an overview and insights into the workings of the IEC. On the 2nd day of the workshop the IEC Young Professionals will attend a technical meeting of their choice, followed by lunch with the IEC community.  The day winds up with a dinner for the IEC Young Professionals.

 The 3rd day of the workshop starts with a working breakfast where the YPs meet and network with their country’s NC Officers. Interactive sessions on four different subjects follow, including how YPs can become more involved with the IEC after the workshop. There is also an Open Space session, facilitated by previous years Young Professional Leaders and the day wraps up with an industry visit.

The Young Professional Leaders from 2012 will present their individual projects designed to help participants maximize their IEC activities. The 2013 group will also select Young Professional Leaders for 2013.

Deeper understanding of standardization

YPs from the previous workshops have given positive feedback. They have come away from the three-day gathering with a deeper understanding of standardization, a broadened network and the satisfaction of feeling part of a bigger world in which they have a personal role to play.

Their employers have also seen the benefits of the IEC Young Professionals programme.
 By enabling their employees to take part in the IEC Young Professionals' programme, companies have provided their staff with fast-track access to the world of standardization and boosted their personal motivation. At the same time the company profile has improved in the eyes of the customers.

The IEC Young Professionals – 2013 workshop will be held in New Delhi, India, on 21 to 23 October, in parallel with the IEC 2013 General Meeting.

DSC_4972 The IEC Young Professionals workshop, Oslo, October 2012
your_move_iStock_000008494137Medium The YP programme participants are upcoming technical, managerial or engineering experts