Paving the way for e-mobility

Two workshops look into enabling a safe future for EVs

By Zoé Smart

The IEC has embraced EV (Electric Vehicle) development from early on, with a large number of IEC TCs (Technical Committees) and experts working on different aspects of the vehicles themselves as well as connection to the grid. The safe use of the cars is, of course, of prime importance and two workshops were organized this year that took EV safety as their central theme.

tech-3_Daimler EV charging_org
The workshop organized by ACOS focused on safety aspects of e-mobility

ACOS workshop

In February, ACOS (Advisory Committee on Safety) organized a workshop entitled Reviewing Safety aspects in the area of e-mobility. Participants were there to discuss the best ways in which to achieve a level of safety protection for EV users comparable to that regulating household equipment or machine operators. IEC President Klaus Wucherer addressed participants and pointed out that because electricity is at the very heart of EVs, standards for them need to draw on the knowledge of electrotechnical experts, especially in regard to the safety of humans, animals and the environment.

The workshop looked in particular at practical applications of IEC standards in relation to EVs. For example, a number of IEC basic safety and group safety standards deal with aspects of protection against electric shock, insulation coordination or insulation materials and are therefore also applicable to electric vehicles. ACOS's role is particularly important in coordinating these horizontal safety and group safety standards within the IEC.

FNC workshop

The 8th FNC (Fully Networked Car) Workshop was held in Geneva, Switzerland in March. Organized by the WSC (World Standards Cooperation), this year's theme was How can international standards provide greater support to the global automotive industry for developing FNCs integrated with ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)?

With a particular focus on vehicle safety, communications, the electrification of vehicles, and performance measure, the automotive experts and specialists in attendance explored new approaches to establishing international standards for electric vehicles. The IEC's Gabriel Barta addressed participants, advising them to initiate the standards they think are the most urgent, in areas such as active vehicle safety. The ensuing discussion covered the development of new safety standards as well as improved traffic information and vehicle-to-vehicle emergency communications.

tech-3_Daimler EV charging_org The workshop organized by ACOS focused on safety aspects of e-mobility
Gabriel_Barta (2) A new brochure lays out IEC work supporting the automotive and EV industries
safety_cover Representing the IEC, Gabriel Barta addressed participants at the 2013 FNC Workshop