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By Claire Marchand

With 165 countries in the IEC family, more than 13 000 technical experts who work in standards development, hundreds of CBs (Certification Bodies) and TLs (Test Laboratories) in the three IEC CA (Conformity Assessment) Systems, there is no shortage of stories to be told within the IEC community. In 2014, as in previous years, the e-tech editorial team will be reaching out to you to get your story.

Transportation in March - Maglev (magnetic levitation) high-speed train in Shanghai, China

Today, e-tech reaches about 20 000 readers around the world. Each month the IEC publication covers a different topic that describes the work of a variety of TC/SCs and the CA Systems in that specific field. Reports on international and regional conferences, workshops and seminars, organized by the IEC or attended by IEC representatives, are also featured.

In 2014, as in previous years, we plan to continue and increase this sharing, get your input and include articles that are of direct relevance to your area of expertise.

This is our editorial plan for the coming months of e-tech. We look forward to receiving your comments, news and suggestions.

e-tech focus for 2014

January / February

Multimedia & appliances

Home, office / New developments in multimedia equipment: Smart equipment, flexible screens, OLEDs, Ultra HD / Smart appliances, interconnectivity / New trends



EVs / Rail transport including Maglev high-speed trains (Australia/Japan/China) / New and unusual electric modes of transport (e.g. pods at Heathrow Airport & Dubai) / Urban cable cars /
 Safety on roads and tunnels (signage, alarm and monitoring systems)


Medical equipment

Ultrasonics: from diagnosis to treatment (cancer, plastic surgery) / Nanotechnologies in medical environment / Superconductivity (imaging & diagnosis)



Renewables – Revisiting marine energy & CSP (Concentrated solar power), geothermal / Combined Heat and Power / Grid integration of large-capacity renewable energy generation / UNSE4ALL (United Nations Sustainable Energy for All) initiative – Overview, projects and achievements so far, IEC involvement / Environmental considerations applied to specific conditions


Energy harvesting / storage

Grid integration of large-capacity renewable energy generation / Batteries / Piezoelectric / MEMS / Supercapacitors


Safety in general

Home, office, commercial and industrial environment / Tools and appliances / Transportation / Functional safety / Airport security, access controls, biometric data / Conformity assessment

August / September

Printed electronics / Nanotechnologies

3D printing / Printed electronics / Nanotechnologies



Sourcing / Standardized methods of production, design, etc. / Off-the-shelf components / Maintenance and repair / Waste management / Cooperation / Global value chains – Made in the World concept


Year in review

From New Delhi to Tokyo


GM special + Equipment in public areas

Lighting, signage, sensors / Sports arenas / Theatre and concert halls, movie theatres / Elevators, escalators / Air-conditioning / Cybersafety – Document storage over the long term

Depositphotos_32355147_original Transportation in March - Maglev (magnetic levitation) high-speed train in Shanghai, China
Energy-Harvester Energy harvesting/storage in June - Footwear-embedded microfluidic energy harvester (Photo: InStep NanoPower)
Depositphotos_5853279_original Equipment in public areas in December -Light show at a rock concert