Advancing regional and global trade

IEC signs Memorandum of Understanding with Eurasian Economic Commission

By Janice Blondeau

The recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the IEC and the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) aims to smooth regional and international trade, while increasing the competitiveness and safety of electrical and electronic products in the region.

The MoU will help smooth electrotechnical products trade by the reduction of excessive regulation...

Trade enhancer

Frans Vreeswijk, IEC General Secretary and CEO, and Valery Koreshkov, EEC Minister for technical regulation, signed the MoU which also aims to eliminate excessive regulation in the trade of electrotechnical products – facilitating, for example, the acceptance of certificates issued by the IEC Conformity Assessment Systems.

Capacity building

As part of this agreement, the EEC is planning, in coordination with the IEC National Committees, to send experts to participate in IEC work. This exchange of scientific and technological information will also help to establish EEC electrotechnical product requirements and guide relevant technical regulation. All EEC member states are also members of the IEC.

The Memorandum intends to promote further harmonization of the interstate standards (GOSTs) and the national standards of the EEC member states with IEC International Standards.

Important economic tool

Frans Vreeswijk stated, “This cooperation agreement has the potential to become an important tool for the region to further stimulate industrial development, grow international trade and simplify access to global markets.”

With this MoU the IEC also hopes to increase awareness amongst regional industry representatives and academia, as well as grow active participation in its standardization and conformity assessment work.

More about the EEC

The Eurasian Economic Commission is a single permanent regulatory body of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia and the Single Economic Space of the Eurasian Economic Community. The main task of the EEC is to establish economic and technical conditions for the operation and development of its members. The EEC is based on the «the Eurasian Economic Commission» and «Eurasian Economic Commission Regulation» agreement signed on November 18, 2011.

globe_with_lights The MoU will help smooth electrotechnical products trade by the reduction of excessive regulation...
blue_container_ship ...and wider acceptance of certificates issued by IEC Conformity Assessment Schemes
handshake-1 Valery Koreshkov and Frans Vreeswijk at the Memorandum of Understanding signing