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Dr Yinbiao Shu updates Council on MSB activities and achievements

By Claire Marchand

Unlike the SMB (Standardization Management Board) and CAB (Conformity Assessment Board), the MSB (Market Strategy Board) doesn’t meet during IEC General Meetings. However its Convenor, IEC Vice-President Dr Yinbiao Shu, updated Council on MSB activities in the past 12 month and shared with the audience the outcome of its last meeting, held in Shanghai, China in May 2013.

IEC Vice-President Dr Yinbiao Shu updated Council on MSB activities

The MSB is the youngest of the IEC boards, established in 2008 to identify technology trends and market needs to guide IEC standardization and conformity assessment work as well as develop strategies and roadmaps in the electrotechnology sector. In addition to IEC Officers, the MSB membership consists of senior technical executives, from international corporations and with different professional backgrounds. They meet at least once a year.

Greater role and recognition

In an interview with China Standardization last May [1] on the occasion of the MSB meeting in Shanghai, Shu explained that the MSB has played a greater role in recent years and its value is recognized by the IEC community. He went on to say that in the future, the MSB will add focus on emerging technological areas and markets, and provide insights to areas such as new energy, Smart Cities, nanotechnology, Internet of Things and so forth.

From Shanghai to New Delhi

Of the meeting in Shanghai, the first after his election as IEC Vice-President, Shu said that discussions centered on the implementation of the Masterplan, the results of the Market and Technology Watch for the next 20-25 years and a report from the project teams in charge of developing the upcoming White Papers and Technology Report. New White Paper projects have been launched to promote research and work in the new technology sectors the MSB focuses on.

MSB publication focuses on nanotechnologies

A publication prepared by the MSB was officially launched during the New Delhi General Meeting: a Technology Report entitled Nanotechnology for solar energy and energy storage. The Report outlines the aspects of solar energy and EES (electrical energy storage) to be most influenced by nanotechnology and nanoscale materials. Reflecting a very thorough technical knowledge and market overview for nanotechnology in the solar energy and energy storage through the year 2030, it should prove to be a useful tool for those planning, designing, organizing or regulating in these two fields.

Future White Papers

Shu announced that several other publications were under development. One is a White Paper on Smart Cities in partnership with the CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies) and the SMB SEGs (Systems Evaluation Groups) on Smart Cities and Smart Grids.

A second White Paper will focus on Wireless Sensor Networks. The research partner in this endeavour is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

[1] China Standardization, July/August 2013

DSC_1061 IEC Vice-President Dr Yinbiao Shu updated Council on MSB activities
3dbrochure-nanotechnology-in-the-sectors-of-solar-energy-and-energy-storage The Technology Report on Nanotechnology for solar energy and energy storage was launched in New Delhi
Depositphotos_18957559_original Future White Papers will focus on Smart Cities and Smart Grids