ACEA nominations

Two new members join the IEC Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects

By Zoé Smart

ACEA (Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects) is made up of a total of 16 members, nominated by NCs (National Committees) and appointed by the SMB (Standardization Management Board) following a vote. As of 1 January 2014, ACEA welcomes two new members, Tsuyoshi Naruoka, TC 100 representative and Lucio Azzola, SC 17B representative.

Tsuyohshi Naruoka
Tsuyoshi Naruoka is a new member and TC 100 representative to ACEA

Providing expert environmental guidance

ACEA was set up to advise and guide the SMB on all environmental issues that could arise from the impact of products or systems using electrical technology, including electronics and telecommunications. It plays an important role in ensuring that IEC standards developers take environmental protection concerns into account in their standardization work and to that end has developed IEC Guide 109, Environmental aspects - Inclusion in electrotechnical product standards.

About Tsuyoshi Naruoka

Tsuyoshi Naruoka has a keen interest in environmental and international standardization activities and has held the position of Technical Secretary of IEC TC (Technical Committee 100/TA (Technical Area) 13: Environment for AV and multimedia equipment since 2011. He is Director of the Green Solution Promotion Department at Fujitsu where he participates in innovative work in the fields of ecologically-conscious product design and related technologies.

Since 2008, Naruoka has been an active member of JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association), joining the PC Energy Saving Committee, and the AV & IT Standardization Committee in 2010. Having led a number of discussions on eco-friendly product design and provided recommendations on the drafts of European energy-saving regulations, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise to contribute to the work of ACEA.

About Lucio Azzola

As Global BU Technology Manager Low Voltage Breakers & Switches at ABB, Lucio Azzola is responsible for driving technology development in line with technology trends, market requirements and standard and environmental requirements. He also manages feasibility and technology scouting studies, while cooperating with University and Research Centres.

An Electrical Engineer, Azzola is convenor of WG 10: Constructional requirements and environmental aspects of IEC SC (Subcommittee) 17B: Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. His expertise and knowledge of the field will be a welcome addition to ACEA.

Tsuyohshi Naruoka Tsuyoshi Naruoka is a new member and TC 100 representative to ACEA
foto lucio azzola Lucio Azzola is joining ACEA as SC 17B representative
iStock_000017556789Large ACEA plays an important role in ensuring IEC standards developers take environmental concerns into account when developing new standards