Reaching out

Using social media to increase awareness of IEC work

By Zoé Smart

With the introduction of social media to the communications landscape the way organizations interact with their stakeholders has changed irrevocably. The IEC has risen to the challenge with aplomb.

The IEC has embraced the changing communications landscape and is present on all major social media channels

Reaching out to audiences…

Today more than ever, people expect to be able to connect with the brands that interest them on the social media channels on which they are active, rather than having to spend time looking for a website or waiting to be informed of latest news through targeted communications such as news releases.

From early on the IEC has been responsive to the changing communications landscape by reaching out to audiences and sharing information on social media platforms it has deemed appropriate. As a result the IEC is today present on all of the top 5 social media channels globally; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

…with tailored content

One of the major consequences of the expansion of social media is that content is shared on multiple networks and often without the organization’s awareness, in what is called the ‘ripple effect’. Because a lot of the conversations take place out of earshot, the type of content being shared is of utmost importance.

With businesses and those working in electrotechnology and related fields being the organization’s core audience, the IEC aims to share content that increases awareness of its work and the importance of standardization. It does so through actively engaging with stakeholders rather than talking at them and sharing content, both existing and IEC-produced, that will arouse interest and stimulate further discussion. In the case of the IEC LinkedIn group, which boasts 12 316 members to date, content is predominantly self-generated and reflects the interests of the professionals initiating them.

Key milestones

With nearly one in four people worldwide estimated to be using social networks, the IEC is keen to keep abreast of the latest developments in social media effectiveness by following industry insights on best practice. From setting up its IEC Facebook page in 2008 to reaching an audience of 36 800 with a single post in late 2013, here are some of the key IEC social media milestones:

  • Facebook and YouTube accounts created in 2008
  • Joined LinkedIn in early 2010
  • #StandardsTuesday hashtag, celebrating standardization work, introduced in
    February 2012
  • Global Visions mobile app launched in January 2013
  • Reached 3 000 Facebook fans in September 2013. Like us here.
  • 10 000 members on LinkedIn in October 2013. Join the conversation on
     ‘The Electrotechnical Standards Group’ on LinkedIn.
HiRes The IEC has embraced the changing communications landscape and is present on all major social media channels
Fotolia_11676837_M Today content is shared on multiple networks
IEC_socialmedia Key IEC social media milestones