Smarter, safer transportation for all

IEC standardization and conformity assessment work essential to modern transportation modes

By Claire Marchand

The March issue of e-tech focuses on transportation, from the role of the IEC in the automotive industry to new modes of urban transportation and maglev (magnetic levitation) high-speed trains. Smart transport and traffic management are also covered. And last but not least, light and heavy-duty industrial vehicles, an important segment of the automotive industry that is undergoing many developments with the emergence of electric vehicles.

Formula E is a new FIA championship featuring fully-electric racing cars

Motor vehicles, whether they are EVs (electric vehicles), hybrids or powered by internal combustion engines, contain an ever growing number of electric and electronic parts. Consequently the role played by the IEC becomes more important as well. Through its standardization and conformity assessment work, the Commission ensures that electrical equipment and electronic components used in these vehicles are of the highest quality and reliability and help make cars safer and ever more energy-efficient.

Another type of EV will be featured in this issue: electric racing cars. Formula E is a new FIA (International Automobile Federation) championship and the world's first fully-electric racing series. In the words of its promoters, [the championship] represents a vision for the future of the motor industry over the coming decades, serving as a framework for R&D around the electric vehicle, accelerating general interest in these cars and promoting sustainability.

Away from the glamour of Grand Prix racing but indispensable nonetheless on factory floors, harbours, hangars or warehouses, there are industrial vehicles. The trend for many of those is to go all electric. An article will explain the whys of this development.

The March issue will also take a closer look at new modes of urban transportation. With a view to reducing pollution and become more energy-efficient, many cities around the world are developing new public transit networks, such as electric pods or cable cars depending on the terrain, and are encouraging emission-free individual means of transport.

03913803_081 Formula E is a new FIA championship featuring fully-electric racing cars
photo002 PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) System station at the Masdar Institute Campus (Photo: Masdar City)
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