Calling tomorrow’s IEC leaders

IEC Young Professionals 2014 workshop registration open

By Janice Blondeau

For the IEC Young Professionals programme 2014 workshop, IEC National Committees have until the end of July to register participants, selected at national level. The 2014 workshop will be held in Tokyo in November during the IEC General Meeting.

The IEC Young Professionals programme introduces up-and-coming experts... (Photo: 2013 workshop, New Delhi)

Go ahead, Get ahead

It is an ongoing IEC priority to expand its expert community to involve more and more qualified people. To date 211 participants from 40 countries have participated in the IEC Young Professionals programme since it was launched in 2010. With the same objective, many National Committees have launched their own programme based on the same approach.


The IEC (YP) Young Professionals programme, in its fifth successful year, provides a springboard for further involvement in electrotechnical standards and conformity assessment work. The programme is geared towards younger professionals whose work already encompasses the use of electrotechnical standards; professionals with technical, managerial and engineering skills.

A unique way to experience standardization from the inside

The response from participants and their companies from previous workshops has been positive and enthusiastic. Participants say they have come away from the three-day workshop with a deeper understanding of the standardization process, a broadened technical expert network and the satisfaction of feeling part of the bigger IEC world. The networking opportunity with experts in similar fields of activity is particularly valued by participants.


"Being a Young Professional at the IEC General Meeting has a lot of benefits. On the professional side, you get to know a lot of very interesting people who work in all the Technical Committees. They are very open to answer your can build yourself a very useful professional network."
 Florian Spiteller, Germany

Tomorrow’s leaders

The IEC Young Professionals programme also provides capacity building to help participants to become tomorrow's leaders in the world of international standardization and conformity assessment. Participants have the opportunity to meet key management, from IEC Officers to members of the SMB (Standardization Management Board) or of the CAB (Conformity Assessment Board). They can also observe a TC (Technical Committee) meeting.


"Participating in the IEC Young Professionals workshop was a great experience. I gained a good overview about how the IEC works and how a standard is made from the beginning. Also, the opportunity to participate in a real Technical Committee meeting was really interesting and inspiring."
 Maria Cecilia Oliveira, Brazil

Seeing IEC in a different light

Participants’ prior experience of standardization is varied. Some have a broad understanding of the processes involved and have worked in TCs. While some participants may use International Standards in their daily work of testing and conformity assessment, they may have been less involved with the actual writing of Standards and the consensus-based approach used in preparing IEC Standards.

"Participating in these IEC Young Professional meetings has really helped me to understand how the standards get created...the amount of team work it takes, the importance of communication and the importance of networking with others."
 Ethan Biery, USA

Win-win environment

Enabling their employees to take part in the Young Professionals programme empowers companies to provide their staff with fast track access to the world of international standardization and conformity assessment, and boosts employees’ personal motivation. For employer organizations, as well as enhanced participation in standardization, other benefits also include expanded awareness of the company and increased potential for new contacts.

Young Professionals 2014 workshop

For the Tokyo workshop, each IEC Member country can register two or three representatives, chosen via a NC (National Committee) selection process. More information about the IEC Young Professionals 2014 workshop is available from National Committees and on the IEC website.

DSC_0213 The IEC Young Professionals programme introduces up-and-coming experts... (Photo: 2013 workshop, New Delhi)
DSC_0243 the world on International Standards and Conformity Assessment (Photo: 2013 workshop, New Delhi)
DSC_0152 Feedback from more than 200 programme participants has been extremely positive (Photo: 2013 workshop, New Delhi)