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Issue 06/2017

IEC future leaders and experts

IEC Young Professionals workshop, Vladivostok, Russia

IEC National Committees have selected the IEC 2017 Young Professionals who will represent them at this year’s workshop, to be held in Vladivostok, Russia, from 9-11 October 2017, during the IEC 2017 General Meeting.

Issue 03/2017

Growing the IEC next generation

Ongoing opportunities for IEC Young Professionals in IECEE, SMB and CAB groups

Learn more about how IEC Young Professionals are becoming involved in the technical work of the IEC.

Issue 04/2017

Countdown to Vladivostok

Update on the IEC Young Professionals Programme

National Committees (NCs) have until the end of July to register participants, selected at national level, for the IEC Young Professionals (YP) – 2017 workshop. The workshop will be held in Vladivostok, Russia, in October during the IEC General Meeting.

Issue 02/2017

The next generation of IEC leaders

Get to know the 2016 Young Professionals Leaders

Meet the IEC 2016 Young Professional Leaders and learn more about how YPs are becoming involved in the technical work of the IEC.

Issue 08/2016

Smart Energy

A global path towards Energy Efficiency and sustainable development

Nava provides insights into a Mexican programme that aims to increase energy efficiency with consumers and the need to encourage the take-up of renewable energy sources.

Issue 05/2016

Growing the next generation in India

India launches national Young Professionals Programme

In a first for India, the IEC National Committee of India, hosted by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), launched its national IEC Young Professionals Programme with a workshop held on July 21 2016 at BIS Headquarters, in New Delhi. The workshop was attended by about 60 Young Professionals from electrotechnical industry and governmental bodies, who came from all over India. 

Issue 03/2016

CAV driving into the future

Update on connected, self-driving vehicles

One of the most innovative transportation developments today is Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology. According to U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), CAV is defined as “operation of the vehicle occurs without direct driver input to control the steering, acceleration, and braking; and designed so that the driver is not expected to constantly monitor the roadway while operating in self-driving mode.” 

Issue 06/2015

Smart Grid in the power sector

An advanced and complex system

Electricity delivery from power stations to consumers’ premises had been achieved since the 19th century. Electricity networks are known as the most complex man-made system. Hence, the technologies available to generate, transmit and distribute electricity had always been advanced and contemporary for their time.