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November 2016

Smart equals sensors inside

Smart technology relies heavily on high-quality sensors

Smartness has become a way of life. Today most of our activities are – at least in part – smart. Whether you work, drive, sleep, enjoy an idle moment, it is most likely that smartness is part of it. We also keep our energy consumption in check with smart appliances and meters. Even our pets now have their own smart devices and apps, allowing us to track their every movement. All this smartness has one common denominator: electronic components and in particular sensors.

October 2016

IEC honours IECQ Technical Expert in avionics

Howard Brewer receives 1906 Award for outstanding contribution to IECQ work

Electronic systems used on most modern commercial aircraft include hundreds of systems that help perform specific functions. 

August 2016

A giant network

Smart technologies rely on IECQ for safe and reliable electronic components

Smart and connectivity are two of the words that probably best describe our society in the 21st century. Everyone and everything is connected nowadays. Cities, buildings, transportation means, mobile devices are becoming smarter. Even the most mundane objects – the smart frying pan is a good example – have their connected version. 

June 2016

A lifetime experience wherever you are

Smart technology is changing the game for major sports events

Long gone are the days when you had to be home and in front of your television to watch major sports events such as the Olympics or a football championship. Today you have access to broadcast on your computer, tablet or smartphone, and you can even experience virtual reality (VR).

March 2016

Relying on healthcare wearables

IECQ meets all requirements for safe, green electronic components

The doctor-patient relationship has evolved tremendously in the past decade or so. There was a time when any medical exam had to be performed at a hospital or a doctor’s practice. The recent and rapid emergence of home healthcare technologies is slowly changing the whole medical landscape.

January 2016

Monitoring frenzy

24/7 connections: how to ensure that measurements are accurate

Is there a time of day or night when we do not rely on electrical or electronic devices in one way or another? Home and workplace are obviously full of appliances, devices and equipment that help us in our daily professional tasks and domestic chores. And with the ever growing number of wearables with us at all times, everything’s connected. Our reliance on electronics seems to be a 24/7 affair.

November 2015

Shedding a light on LEDs

Build trust in your products with new IECQ Scheme for LED Lighting

Solid-state lighting (SSL) is rapidly becoming the preferred light source for many lighting applications and the demand will continue to grow. SSL solutions are widely used in industrial and commercial environments. They are also making inroads in urban and airport lighting, automotive headlamps, traffic signals and advertising. They can be used in almost any kind of applications.

January 2015

High-quality LEDs

IECQ provides structured approach to supply chain management

The United Nations proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies, recognizing “the importance of raising global awareness about how light-based technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to global challenges in energy, education, agriculture and health”. This global initiative ties in very smoothly with another, put forward by IECQ (IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components), namely the IECQ LED initiative.

November 2014

Quality and reliability at the forefront

IECQ provides independent verification of compliance with International Standards

IECQ (IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components) has been thriving in the past 12 months. The launch in 2013 of new programmes for the automotive industry and counterfeit avoidance have enriched its portfolio and broadened its scope. Together with the complete restructuring of the Schemes and a new website, they have brought new dynamics to the System. Not resting on its laurels, IECQ is actively working on new developments.

August 2014

Casting a light on LEDs

IECQ provides solution for certification of LED-based lighting sources

From indicator lamps on electronic devices or numeric readouts on digital clocks to their current use in a wide variety of lighting solutions, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have come a long way in a few decades. They are now replacing incandescent or CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) light bulbs in domestic, residential, commercial and industrial applications.

June 2014

Renewing ties with a former partner

Russia shows keen interest in IECQ participation

More than a century ago, the first IEC President, Lord Kelvin, was quoted as saying: “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”. This is as true today as it was then. One thing that has changed since those words were uttered is the way we measure things today.

May 2014

Have faith in your electronics

IECQ certification helps make the world a smarter place

Electronics is omnipresent in our lives today. From mobile devices and wearables to home appliances, office equipment, industrial automation, healthcare facilities, transportation and entertainment, it is integrated in every device, piece of equipment and machinery, in every installation and system. That goes for energy transmission and distribution as well, which have been brought sharply into focus now that Smart Grids and Smart Cities are a hot topic.

April 2014

Health-giving robots

The quality of IECQ Certification helps advance the health sector

The vision of the future sees robots doing a number of things that humans don’t want to do, such as vacuuming. Though the use of artificial intelligence is not yet widespread, robots are moving into sectors that seemed unlikely even a decade ago; for example, assisting in surgical procedures. IECQ, the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components, helps to ensure the reliability of components used in any robots that care for us.

March 2014

Safer cars, smarter drives

Cars and world connect

Some days it looks if you are going to be stuck in traffic forever. Sometimes it is because traffic volumes have suddenly increased. All you can see is car ahead of car as far as the eye can see. At other times, you hear the squeal of tyres and then you see two cars collide. About 1.24 million people died on the world’s roads in 2010, said the Global Health Observatory of the WHO (World Health Organization). But technology may be able to increase safety or save you from being stuck in traffic sooner than you think.

January 2014

Gifts that can be hazardous

IECQ promotes safety in electronic components

Children born in the 1990s probably can’t remember what it was like without internet access, when making a mixed tape was cool or when the newest game from Sega was the Christmas gift that everyone yearned for. Since that time kids’ toys and children’s own technological understanding have advanced. But how safe is that robotic dog that you want to buy for your child?

December 2013

Electronics through the looking glass


TAITRONICS, one of the world’s largest electronic shows, took place in October with IECQ leading the way.

November 2013

IECQ past, present and future

The best tool for international electronic component certification

Since it first began, IECQ has been gaining worldwide recognition as the international system for providing independent verification that electronic components, related materials and processes comply with appropriate standards and specifications.

October 2013

Failures avoided

IECQ certification makes components reliable

IECQ, the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components, ensures the safety and reliability of electronic components used in the IT, avionics, and a number of other industries. It also monitors and tests the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment and provides assessment and certification for facilities that handle unprotected ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive devices.

August 2013

Walking through history

Sensors let us walk through museums safely

The Louvre, one of the largest museums in the world, is a grand sight to behold. Its front entrance, a glass pyramid built in the late 1980s, is imposing in its size and shine. Nearly 35,000 objects from prehistory to the 19th century are exhibited over an area of 60,600 square metres. Around 9 million visits are made to the Louvre every year.

July 2013

Life and property on the line

IECQ CAP battles counterfeit components

Counterfeiting has proven to be a viable and lucrative industry in many areas of the world, specifically the counterfeiting of microcircuits used in electronic devices. IECQ, the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components, has launched a programme designed to address the international counterfeit crisis faced by the aerospace, defense and high performance (ADHP) sectors

June 2013

MEMS tested and certified by IECQ

Little components do more and are smaller

In thousands of ways, new and smaller technologies are helping us move forward. From surgical tools that are smarter to toys that let us compete at playing tennis with someone around the world, electronics and their components are doing more than ever before.

April 2013

Avionics aims to manage green issues

How the avionics industry limits the use of lead in its components

The IEC has recently published the 2nd edition of IEC/TS 62239-1, Process management for avionics – Management plan – Part 1: Preparation and maintenance of an electronic components management plan, which now includes the management of lead-free termination finish and soldering of avionic components.

March 2013


Understanding electrostatic discharge

As winter comes to a close, your jacket may give you an electrostatic shock. You may get one from touching a metallic doorknob after crossing a carpeted room or from shaking someone’s hand. Although static electricity is ever present people rarely notice it.

January 2013

New IECQ website launches

Faster and more accurate information lies just a click away

Those of you who are frequent visitors to the IECQ website will undoubtedly be pleased to discover the new and totally revamped website that launched in mid-January. And for first-time visitors who want to learn about IECQ, finding their way around the different sections will be child’s play.

November 2012

Hazardous substance-free components

IECQ provides tools to meet the strictest requirements

IECQ, the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components, has recently published the 3rd edition of IECQ QC 080000, Hazardous Substance Process Management System Requirements. The specification and its requirements are based on the strong belief that the provision of hazardous substance-free products and production processes can only be achieved by integrating management disciplines fully.

August 2012

Safer electronics

IECQ focuses on “green” electronics and fights counterfeiting

Electronic components play an ever increasing role in our lives. Homes, offices, factories and transportation systems all rely heavily on them. Mobile telephones, computers, car and airplane navigation systems and automated production chains wouldn’t exist without them. They make our lives easier and provide better communication in a world that has become global and interconnected.

July 2012

Keeping components cool

IECQ ensures safety and reliability of all electronic components

Invisible yet omnipresent, electronic components play a crucial role in modern technology. Found in parts as diverse as integrated circuits to resistors, capacitors, transistors, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) and switches, they are an essential part of all electrical and electronic devices, equipment and installations, including the heating and cooling systems that form the topic of this month’s e-tech.

June 2012

Can't do without them

IECQ-certified electronic components for consumer electronics

In countless ways, modern day technologies have changed the way we live. The emergence and extraordinary success of small mobile devices has increased our reliance on electronics at all times of day – and night. Whatever we do, wherever we are, we rely on them for communication, connecting with others – whether at work or at home – travelling, playing and keeping fit.

May 2012

Hazards under control

IECQ certification for green and reliable electronic components

In issue after issue of e-tech, we see that electronic components play an ever increasing role in our lives. At home, at work, on the road, in the air, whatever we do, wherever we are, we rely on electronics to make our lives easier, to provide better communication and operate in a world that has become global and interconnected.

April 2012

Under control

IECQ helps manage electronic components in avionics systems

Avionics – a blend of aviation and electronics – comprises all electronic systems used in aircraft, satellites and spacecraft. It includes communications, navigation, flight and engine control, collision-avoidance and weather-based systems.

January 2012

Smaller, smarter, safer

IECQ: the best tool for electronic component certification

Smart is the word. Appliances, multimedia equipment, security systems are all becoming more sophisticated, making life much easier and safer. All these devices and systems would not exist without electronic components. To accompany the rapid technological developments of recent years, electronic component manufacturers have been designing products that are smarter, smaller and offer enhanced performance and functionality.

December 2011

LEDs lead

Strong IECQ presence in Asia-Pacific

An LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is basically a semiconductor light source. LEDs, primarily used as indicator lamps in many devices, are increasingly used for industrial, commercial, residential and domestic lighting. The market for LEDs is large, growing fast and is dominated by Asian manufacturers from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

November 2011

Speedy delivery

IECQ certification ensures high quality of components used in fibre optics

Fibre optic lines have revolutionized communications, from long-distance phone calls to cable TV and Internet. Business and industry have used fibre optic technology for years to move large amounts of data quickly. Fibre-based communication is expected to grow tremendously in years to come.

August 2011

Keeping electronics safe

IECQ: the best tool for tackling counterfeit and hazardous substances

The global market for electronic components has shown strong growth for many years. This is a real success story, achieved as a result of consistent technological and industrial innovation. In recent years, electronic manufacturers have had to address new concerns: national and regional endeavours to pass legislation restricting or forbidding the use of hazardous substances in components, and the emergence of counterfeit products

July 2011

Robotics for electronics

Use of robots in electronics assembly lines accelerates fast

There are all types of robots loaded with electrotechnology and the electronics and semiconductor industries are relying increasingly on robotics for their product assembly processes. According to data compiled by the US Robotic Industries Association, the volume of robot sales to the electronics and semiconductor industry rose by nearly two-thirds during the first quarter of 2011.

June 2011

Riding high

IECQ makes commercial and office environments safer

Electronics are everywhere in commercial and office buildings. Elevators, escalators, automatic sliding doors or lighting all rely heavily on electronics nowadays. The same can be said of most of the smaller devices that equip stores and offices. While safety is an important issue for any electronic device, it is becoming crucial for equipment that is used by hundreds, if not thousands, of people every day.

May 2011

Sophisticated tools for outdoor use

Sophisticated tools for outdoor use

Modern-day technologies are not confined to homes, factories or offices. They have also reached the outdoors. While electric lawn mowers and gardening tools have been around for some time, they have, in recent years, benefitted from the numerous developments in the electronics sector, as have other outdoor devices and equipment.

April 2011

High-tech travel

IECQ helps make electronic devices and systems safer

The boom in air and road traffic in the past 40 years or so has been determinant in the development of electronics in those sectors. Today, all modes of transportation rely on electronics for navigation, communication or engine-control management as well as for entertainment. Electronic devices and systems are designed to bring more safety, reliability and comfort to pilots, drivers and passengers alike.