Smart Energy moves ahead

Systems Committee on Smart Energy Technical Committee Forum

By Janice Blondeau

Smart Energy can be described as connecting many points of generation with many points of consumption, from end-to-end,  not limited to just the electric grid. Smart Energy is also about all energy needs for Smart Cities. The IEC Systems Committee (SyC) on Smart Energy aims to create one international platform for a comprehensive portfolio of standards – efficient and easy-to-use standards that can be used by any project working on Smart Energy.  The work of SyC Smart Energy includes wide consultation within the IEC community and a broader group of external stakeholders, in the areas of Smart Energy and Smart Grid, also including Heat and Gas.

Richard Schomberg Richard Schomberg, Chair SyC Smart Energy

IEC TCs are key

The SyC Smart Energy TC Forum, held in Geneva on 26 April 2016, aimed to engage Smart Energy-related IEC Technical Committees (TCs) and Subcommittees (SCs) to collect and share advanced information for the coordination of future standards development. More than 20 IEC TC representatives, experts and SyC Smart Energy members participated in the Forum, including TC 3, TC 8, TC 13, TC 57, TC 65, TC 69, SC 77A/TC 8, TC 95, ACEE Chair and a conformity assessment (CA) representative. 

This is the first time that the SyC has met with IEC Technical Committees, through Advisory Group 1 (TC Forum), although since 2010, around 30 IEC TCs have worked with SyC Smart Energy predecessors, namely Strategic Group (SG) 3 and the Systems Evaluation Group (SEG) 2, via workshops, contributions to the mapping solution and the roadmap. 

In their words

Says Ralph Sporer, IEC Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency (ACEE) Chair:“In the area of Smart Energy there is a great risk in doing parallel work in the individual TCs. I am sure SyC Smart Energy will provide a good service and value with its deliverables to reduce the overlap in TC work and generally market the IEC achievements inside and outside of IEC.” 

Says Toru Ishikuma, TC 65: Industrial-process measurement, control and automation, expert: "The TC Forum is a valuable project where SyC and TCs can learn their standardization activities for the common subject of Smart Energy and collaborate together through coordinating them effectively. Although we have challenging actions in front of us, this kick-off showed us a positive direction with practical steps.” 

Says Dustin Tessier, TC 57: Power systems management and associated information exchange, expert: "It was encouraging to see the establishment of a platform where Technical Committees can collaborate and exchange visions, challenges, and high-priority initiatives as it relates to Smart Energy systems. The energy industry will be the ultimate beneficiary from these harmonization activities, and it was refreshing to see the open-dialogue among the Technical Committee officers.” 

Future work

Richard Schomberg, Chair, SyC Smart Energy, has this to say: “What we are going to be is a convergence platform to help the TCs who are the factory of standards for the IEC. We want to create conditions to support the activities of the TCs – so that very early on they have more information than they had up to now. Then it’s up to the TCs to manage the way that they develop their Standards and the direction they want to follow.” 

Adds Peter Lanctot, Secretary, SyC Smart Energy, “Hopefully we are going to gather TCs representatives with an expertise within a Technical Committee, who also have a good, broad overall understanding of what’s happening inside their own committee. Then the System Committee on Smart Energy will help to see where there are overlaps and where standards gaps exist.” 

The job of the SyC is to take the Systems perspective and to coordinate and engage the TCs, and have them work with each other where it’s relevant. All together, they are processing bottom up standardization needs with top down system needs. Closing the loops and repeating the process are two other key tactics. SyC Smart Energy will bring the relevant players around the table – National Committees, IEC Technical Committees, regulators, regional organizations, industry and other standards development organizations (SDOs). 

IEC is taking the lead…it is working outside the silos for a truly Systems overview of the Smart Energy domain.

SyC Smart Energy TC Forum participants More than 20 IEC Technical Committee representatives, experts and SyC Smart Energy members participated in the Forum
Richard Schomberg Richard Schomberg, Chair SyC Smart Energy
Smart Grid Standards Map The IEC Smart Grid Standards Map allows easy and instant identification of the standards needed for any part of the Smart Grid