One click away

Immediate access to a wealth of information from the IEC News log page

By Claire Marchand

Whether you are a first-time or frequent visitor to the IEC website, there is one page that you shouldn’t miss if you are looking for information on the IEC: the News log page. From there, a wide selection of sections, pages and topics are just one click away.

The News log page is accessible from the home page. In the top menu, go to News & views and click on the 3rd item, News log.


The News log page gives you immediate access to a wealth of information. Top left, you have theHeadlines, with the latest IEC news releases. Just click on a title and you’ll have the full press release. To see older post, click on see all

Events & Workshops, Videos

The Events and workshops section tells you which events the IEC is participating in and theRecent videos brings you the new Global Visions interviews and a short animated feature that provides an instant understanding of the breadth of IEC work. Again, click on see all to view more events and videos.


On the top right corner, you’ll find the latest issue of IEC e-tech online. You can also download the PDF. Just below, you can read the latest tweets from @IECStandards and access the IEC social media pages.

Useful links

The bottom section contains links that will help you learn more about the IEC, provide you with the relevant media resources and tell you why, from your perspective, IEC standardization and conformity assessment activities are important for you. Contact information is also listed there.