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Issue 07/2015

Competitive like never before

Cooperation, the key to corporate success

Over the past year, the IEC has interviewed leaders from Toshiba, Fujitsu and Azbil to find out why these companies actively participate in IEC work and what benefits they reap.

Issue 05/2015

Business expansion, global cooperation

Interview with Hirozumi Sone, President & CEO, Azbil Corporation

Technologies and systems are converging, and sometimes fundamentally changing how business is conducted. Customers increasingly want solutions that are future proof and able to adapt to their changing needs. In this interview Azbil President & CEO, Dr Hirozumi Sone explains how his company, a major provider of industrial and building control and automation, is able to discover and take advantage of new business opportunities that result from technology convergence. Sone sees active participation in IEC work as a strategic business tool that offers much more than dependable technical value.