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Issue 05/2015

Over 130 years old, but still in its prime

Hydropower has been producing electricity for over 130 years and still has a bright future

Hydroelectricity still represents the largest source of renewable energy (RE) in the world. It is set to remain one of the largest, if not the largest, in many regions for the foreseeable future as more hydroelectric projects, large and small, come on stream. The IEC has been involved in standardization work for hydropower installations for over a century. The future of RE depends to a large extent on the success of well-established hydropower sources. Looking back at the history of hydropower shows the IEC has been closely involved in its development for more than a century through major standardization work.

Issue 07/2014

Keeping mature technology in top shape

Proper repair, maintenance and overhaul are essential to keep hydro installations running

With the share of RE (renewable energy) sources in the global energy generation mix predicted to grow considerably in coming decades, hydropower will continue to make a major contribution to clean energy production. Cost estimates for hydropower installations still tend to focus on equipment and construction expenditure. However, long-term lifecycles and the need to improve efficiency require extensive MRO (maintenance, repair and operations/overhaul) work that carries additional significant cost implications.