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Issue 04/2017

Warning, mitigating, rescuing

Technology – an asset for disaster prevention and relief

Natural disasters strike at regular intervals on our planet. As their number seems to be increasing over the years, numerous measures have been taken, at the national, regional or international level, to help prevent them or to mitigate their impact.

Issue 07/2015

International Day for Disaster Reduction 2015

Loss of power can cause great hardship to populations and economies

When disaster strikes one of the first things to go down is the electricity supply and with it healthcare, clean water, safe food, sanitation, lights, not to mention all the technology that powers the home and the workplace.

Issue 07/2015

A different kind of workforce

A new breed of robot is extending the benefits of automated industry to smaller manufacturers

Smaller businesses are becoming more streamlined and competitive thanks to the development of cobots or collaborative robots, capable of working safely with humans along assembly lines.