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Issue 05/2017

The shape of prints to come

3D printing will turn manufacturing on its head

Since the mid-18th century, manufacturing has been affected by technical innovations that have led to the gradual replacement of many craft-based activities by mechanized and automated processes. From weaving to the mass production of automobiles and consumer goods and the introduction of information technology (IT) in manufacturing, these processes have had an influence on all areas of life. The emergence of 3D printing is the latest in a long line of disruptive technologies to make its mark on manufacturing. 

Issue 01/2018

A life devoted to Standards

Interview with Jan Ollner

Jan Ollner was Executive Secretary of the Swedish National Committee (NC) from 1948 until 1956. This was a time of rapid change for the IEC, with Central Office moving from London to Geneva and a number of new Technical Committees established in various fields, including IEC TC 34: Lamps and related equipment or IEC TC 35: Primary cells and batteries. The 97-year-old talks to us about the merits of standardization, his years as Swedish NC Executive Secretary and his work for ASEA (now ABB).