Message from the IEC General Secretary & CEO

Issue 10/2011 A year of many changes for the IEC

2011 was a busy and an exciting year for the IEC. We completed the Masterplan, which will guide the IEC’s strategy and actions for the coming years. More...

Electric future

For the first time in his function as IEC President, Dr Klaus Wucherer addressed the IEC Council.

Taking the lead, moving ahead

IEC General Secretary and CEO Ronnie Amit reviews the IEC's activities and achievements in the 12 months since the 2010 IEC General Meeting.

Projects, challenges and accomplishments

Report to IEC Council by James Matthews III, IEC Vice-President and SMB (Standardization Management Board) Chairman.In his first report to IEC Council Jim Matthews presented key SMB work over the past...

Input for the right output

Report to IEC Council by Enno Liess, IEC Vice-President and MSB (Market Strategy Board) ConvenorFor the third time, Enno Liess presented his report on MSB activities to Council Board. And while he has...

A systematic approach

IEC Vice-President and Chairman of CAB (Conformity Assessment Board) Hiromichi Fujisawa presented his report to the IEC Council.Fujisawa first outlined some of the responsibilities of CAB in the...

Lord Kelvin Award

Richard Schomberg received the Lord Kelvin Award for his long-term contribution to the IEC in the field of electrotechnology from the hands of IEC President Dr Klaus Wucherer during a special dinner...

e-tech Special Go ahead, Get ahead

Building on the success of the first Young Professionals Workshop...

e-tech Special Council Statutory Session - Melbourne

Council, the supreme governing body of the IEC, held its meeting...

e-tech Special Thomas A. Edison Award

The IEC Thomas A. Edison Awards are attributed each year to...

e-tech Special Safety in Ex environments

Incidents such as the explosion that caused the oil spill in the...

e-tech Special Affiliate Forum 2011

A special platform allows Affiliate countries participating in...

e-tech Special Photo gallery

To download photos, click on "original photo", then...

IEC Family Leading light

“I didn’t know much about standardization and that’s why I...

IEC Family Finance matters

At the Council meeting, IEC President Dr Klaus Wucherer thanked...

Conformity Assessment Pooling resources

IEC-OIML agreement helps reduce costs, time and complexity

Conformity Assessment Men of Ex-perience

Improving safety of hazardous areas through certified personnel competence

Conformity Assessment LEDs lead

Strong IECQ presence in Asia-Pacific

IEC World 2012 Fully Networked Car

Reserve the date

IEC World Assessing competition

Why standards make it easier for companies to compete

IEC World Linking IEC experts globally

Experts connect via professional and social networks

IEC World IEC-IEEE Challenge

Spread the word

Industry Spotlight Battle of the bulbs

Cutting domestic bills with energy-efficient lighting

Technology Focus Airfield lighting

The LED revolution

Technical Committees Ground lighting for the skies

Take off and land in safety

Technical Committees LED into the future

Leading lights in the field

Technical Committees ISO/IEC JTC 1 Plenary in November

ISO/IEC JTC 1 2011 Plenary Meeting in California

In Store Lighting the way to safety

Testing for a clear way out

In Store The Thick Redline

Keeping track of power cables