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Issue 08/2013

Making the world a safer place

IECEE is an internationally trusted partner

The last 12 months have been extremely successful and fruitful for IECEE, the IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components. Increased collaboration with international organizations, outreach to developing countries and the introduction of new services and product categories have contributed greatly to confirming IECEE as the leading global certification system for electrical and electronic products.

Issue 05/2014

Benefits of IECEx certification

AFSEC-IECEx seminar for the mining sector in Africa

AFSEC (African Electrotechnical Standardization Commission) and IECEx (IEC System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres) are organizing an international seminar in Lumumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, on 7-8 September 2014. The event is organized in collaboration with AFREC (African Energy Commission) and OCC (Office Congolais de Contrôle), and in partnership with the Katanga mining authorities and Moïse Katumbi Chapwe, the governor of the Katanga Province.

Issue 07/2014

Raising awareness on high-risk mining operations

IECEx and AFSEC international seminar in DRC

The DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) is extremely rich in natural resources. In its soil lie huge amounts of metal and mineral ores such as diamonds, gold, copper, tantalum and the world’s largest reserves of cobalt. While artisanal and small-scale mining still plays an important role in ore extraction, the country is increasingly developing its industrial mining sector.

Issue 07/2015

Outreach and training

IEC Affiliate Country Programme broadens support to developing countries

The past 12 months were a busy period for the Affiliate Secretariat team. Workshops and conferences, mentoring and training were on the agenda. The Programme also welcomed its new Leader in January.

Issue 06/2016

IEC-AFRC fully operational

IEC reinforces global presence with regional centre in Africa

Africa is the world’s second-fastest-growing region, topped only by emerging Asia. Over the coming years the African economy is expected to grow by 7,7% annually – almost double the rate of advanced economies. Even though Africa is starting from a low point, corresponding roughly to where Southeast Asia was 30 years ago, the opportunities are huge. Already now Africa is third in terms of investment, right after the European Union and China. A more reliable infrastructure and consistent energy access could significantly accelerate this trend.

Issue 06/2016

Growing and thriving

Years of support, training and reaching out bear fruits

The Affiliate Secretariat team has been very busy since the IEC General Meeting (GM) in Minsk, Belarus. As always, workshops, seminars and conferences, mentoring and training, preparation for the next GM were on the agenda. 

Issue 04/2017

LVDC for sustainable electricity access needs standardization

IEC and KEBS host first global LVDC Conference

Over 170 participants from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin and North America attended the Conference.

Issue 06/2017

A global approach

Strong IEC presence on five continents through its regional offices

All IEC regional centres are focal points for IEC standardization activities in their respective part of the world. They have greatly contributed to raising awareness on and promoting the Commission through country visits, participation in international, regional and national events, networking and establishing an ever growing number of invaluable contacts.

Issue 08/2017

Growth and changes

As successful as ever, the IEC Affiliate Country Programme will see changes at the helm in 2018

The Affiliate Forum has been part of the IEC General Meeting (GM) agenda since 2009 and is a great opportunity for Affiliate delegations to meet, exchange views, share experiences and discuss common challenges and best practices, both at the global and regional levels.

Issue 02/2018

The IEC family is growing

Peru and Côte d'Ivoire become IEC Members, São Tomé and Principe joins the Affiliate Country Programme

In the past few months, IEC has welcomed two new Members, Peru in December 2017 and Côte d’Ivoire in March 2018, both countries joining IEC after about 15 years of participation in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme. In March as well, São Tomé and Principe became the latest participant in the Programme. Taking these changes into account, the IEC family now comprises 171 countries, of which 85 are Members and 86 Affiliates.

Issue 04/2018

Invaluable support for developing countries

IEC Affiliate Country Programme encourages active participation in IEC work

Each year sees an increase not only in the number of countries participating in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme but also in the number of International Standards adopted as national ones, national electrotechnical committees (NECs) established and Affiliate Plus status granted. In the past 12 months, the Programme has seen changes in its leadership, and the Secretariat has been extremely busy supporting participating countries through workshops, seminars, webinars and training sessions, to name but a few of the activities organized to raise awareness and know-how in developing countries. 

Issue 04/2018

IEC presence on five continents

Regional Centres play major role in raising awareness of IEC work globally

Since the beginning of the 2000s, IEC Central office in Geneva, Switzerland, has decentralized some of its activities, establishing regional offices first in North America, then in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and lastly in Africa.