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Issue 02/2020

Standards for safety and security

Standards help maintain data confidentiality and keep operational technology running

Technology touches many aspects of our lives and generates masses of data. Statistics show that currently 3,5 billion smartphone users send messages, upload video and photo content and use other apps on their phones which create data. We use medical devices to monitor our health. The data gathered is stored and can be shared with healthcare professionals and used for research. We also make online purchases, reservations and financial transactions. To carry out all these activities, we must trust the technology with our personal information.

Issue 08/2015

Improving civil aviation security: an endless task

As International Standards close more security loopholes, new ones emerge

The recent crash of a Russian airliner has highlighted the difficulty of protecting civil aviation against deadly acts of violence. Russian officials have established that an explosive device caused the crash. Indications point to deliberate human interference rather than to ineffective technical security systems. The IEC develops many International Standards for technical systems and actions that enhance security for the air transport industry.