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Issue 01/2020

A holistic ecosystem approach to AI

An ecosystem approach to the standardization of artificial intelligence can accelerate innovation and address societal concerns

Historically, IT systems and their governing standards were based on well understood environments. Early approaches emphasized performance for a specific problem definition. For instance, going back a few decades, the communications world was focused on how quickly to get a bit of data from point A to point B. Understandably, the main aim was to overcome the technical challenges of transmission to achieve a target bandwidth.

Issue 06/2018

First IEC Regulator Forum takes place in South Korea

Key meeting in Busan concludes that standardization experts and regulators should work together more closely for the benefit of society and the economy

The IEC General-Secretary and CEO, Frans Vreeswijk, has told 150 stakeholders from across the renewable energy sector that international standards and public policy share important objectives. These include facilitating international trade, bolstering economic competitiveness and enhancing safety and efficiency. Mr. Vreeswijk was addressing the first IEC Regulator Forum during the recent General Meeting in Busan, South Korea.

Issue 01/2018

A life devoted to Standards

Interview with Jan Ollner

Jan Ollner was Executive Secretary of the Swedish National Committee (NC) from 1948 until 1956. This was a time of rapid change for the IEC, with Central Office moving from London to Geneva and a number of new Technical Committees established in various fields, including IEC TC 34: Lamps and related equipment or IEC TC 35: Primary cells and batteries. The 97-year-old talks to us about the merits of standardization, his years as Swedish NC Executive Secretary and his work for ASEA (now ABB).

Issue 07/2017

Increasing the speed of standardization

Interview with Jan-Henrik Tiedemann

Jan-Henrik Tiedemann, IEC Community Manager, an architect and civil engineer as well as a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast, was in a leading role on the first day of the SESKO-IEC Workshop 2017. Why does the IEC hold these workshops in cooperation with the national committees and what is their purpose? I met him to find out.

Issue 06/2017

Standards that count and build trust

Message from Frans Vreeswijk, IEC General Secretary & CEO

IEC work has to be relevant to companies and countries to help them address real market and societal needs.

Issue 09/2016

SMB meeting in Frankfurt

SMB Chair shares key decisions and developments

IEC e-tech talked with James E. Matthews III, IEC Vice-President and Chair of the Standardization Management Board (SMB) during the General Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany. Matthews shared key decisions and their expected impact on IEC efficiency and effectiveness. Matthews will hand over to Ralph Sporer in January 2017. (see also his reflexions in this e-tech issue)

Issue 09/2016

Building strong relations with industry

IEC President Dr Junji Nomura addresses Council

Manufacturing continues to expand its geographic reach. Electrical and electronic goods now represent 17,7% of global trade and more companies than ever need to be able to collaborate and participate in the value chains that span the globe. IEC work uniquely enables this type of cooperation. Industry is a high priority for IEC, since most experts participating in our work come from it.

Issue 09/2016

2016 Council Open Session

What future for standardization?

One aim of the Council Open Session, held on the Friday afternoon during the IEC General Meeting in Frankfurt, was to summarize and conclude the week-long activities and presentations in the Reinvention Laboratory. 

Issue 09/2016

Developing tomorrow's IEC leaders

IEC Young Professionals Programme workshop in Frankfurt

The seventh IEC Young Professionals (YP) workshop was held in October 2016, during the IEC General Meeting in Frankfurt. There were 75 YPs present from 41 countries, with each participant nominated by his or her National Committee (NC). The IEC YP Programme has more than 400 participants from 49 countries, since it kicked off in 2010.  National Committees have been great supporters of this Programme, which continues to evolve and grow.

Issue 06/2016

2016 IEC Awards

Recognizing excellence and commitment to the IEC

Every year the IEC honours the commitment and work of a number of individuals in its community who, through their leadership and technical expertise, have contributed to making products and electrical systems safer, more energy efficient, more reliable and more compatible.

Issue 05/2016

Growing the next generation in India

India launches national Young Professionals Programme

In a first for India, the IEC National Committee of India, hosted by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), launched its national IEC Young Professionals Programme with a workshop held on July 21 2016 at BIS Headquarters, in New Delhi. The workshop was attended by about 60 Young Professionals from electrotechnical industry and governmental bodies, who came from all over India. 

Issue 02/2016

Obituary - Dr Karl-Heinz Weck

IEC power systems expert passed away on 7 February 2016

Dr Edelhard Kynast, Chair IEC TC 28, and Dr Volker Hinrichsen, Chair TC 37, pay tribute to their colleague and friend.

Issue 02/2016

Together we're stronger

Mentoring programme plays cohesive role in IEC community

“L’union fait la force” or “unity makes strength” in English is the national motto of Belgium and Bulgaria and appears on the coat of arms of several countries and regions around the world.

Issue 09/2015

IEC present on five continents

The General Meeting paves the way for the future of the IEC

Traditionally, the December issue of e-tech provides feedback on the IEC General Meeting (GM), held in Minsk, Belarus, on 12-16 October 2015.

Issue 08/2015

The positive impact of speaking up

New IEC tool is a success

For the first time in International Electrotechnical standardization, an innovative platform, IEC Public Commenting, is allowing people the opportunity to have a direct impact on the Standards used in their industry.

Issue 08/2015

Outstanding contributions

IEC Young Professionals Programme alumni receive 1906 Award

The IEC has recognized the efforts of three Young Professionals Programme alumni with 1906 Awards in 2015. Congratulations on this achievement.

Issue 05/2015

Business expansion, global cooperation

Interview with Hirozumi Sone, President & CEO, Azbil Corporation

Technologies and systems are converging, and sometimes fundamentally changing how business is conducted. Customers increasingly want solutions that are future proof and able to adapt to their changing needs. In this interview Azbil President & CEO, Dr Hirozumi Sone explains how his company, a major provider of industrial and building control and automation, is able to discover and take advantage of new business opportunities that result from technology convergence. Sone sees active participation in IEC work as a strategic business tool that offers much more than dependable technical value.

Issue 05/2015

Adding complex systems to the equation

IEC Training Workshop on standardization strategy, processes and tools for Swiss stakeholders

The era of stand-alone products came to an end together with the 20th century. Granted, interoperability and interconnectivity have been staples of industrial and commercial operations for many years but now, with the new millennium, they have hit the streets.

Issue 01/2015

Fruitful workshop in Mongolia

Acting on recommendations brought immediate results

IEC Affiliate Country Programme Executive Secretary Françoise Rauser usually combines the IEC GM (General Meeting) with a visit to a neighbouring country participating in the programme. This year, following the GM in Tokyo, Japan, she flew to Mongolia, accompanied by IEC-APRC (Asia-Pacific Regional Centre) Regional Director Dennis Chew.

Issue 09/2014

Lights, sensors, game on

A multitude of electrical and electronic systems helps fans enjoy sporting events

Experiencing sporting events live in outdoor or indoor installations is a unique experience. In addition to suitable lighting that has made it possible to hold sporting events both indoors and at night, sports venues have seen the introduction of a variety of electrical and electronic installations that benefit followers by providing a safer environment in which they can enjoy their favourite games and events.

Issue 09/2014

Getting ready for new challenges

The General Meeting paves the way for the future of the IEC

Traditionally, the December issue of e-tech provides feedback on the IEC GM (General Meeting), held in Tokyo, Japan, this year.

Issue 09/2014

A smart organization for a smarter world

IEC President addresses Council

Addressing Council for the first time as IEC President, Junji Nomura expressed his pleasure at doing so in his home country, Japan. Satisfied with the state of the organization which he described as ‘strong and healthy’ with a ‘truly global reach’, he nonetheless emphasized the need for the IEC to continue to improve its services while keeping up with the fast-changing global market.

Issue 09/2014

SMB meeting in Tokyo

SMB Chairman shares board's key decisions

IEC e-tech talked to James E. Matthews III, IEC Vice-President and Chairman of the SMB (Standardization Management Board) during the General Meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Matthews shared key decisions and why they are needed to ensure IEC relevance in the future.

Issue 07/2014


A must for today’s “Made in the World” products

Even if the packaging of the brand-new device you just acquired indicates that it was made in a specific country, you can be assured that it isn’t quite the whole picture. Chances are great that some of the components came from country A, others from country B, and the rest from country C. Nowadays, very few manufacturers can boast that their products are made in one country.

Issue 05/2014

e-tech to go

e-tech fans can now read the IEC magazine anytime, anywhere

Following a number of requests by attendees at the IEC 2012 General Meeting in Oslo, Norway, the IEC has developed an app that allows readers to access e-tech magazine online in a smartphone and tablet-tailored format and save it for reading offline as well.

Issue 05/2014

Chairmen and Member nominations

A roundup of the latest nominations approved by the SMB (Standardization Management Board).

TC 121 has welcomed its new Chairman and SG 6 has a new Japanese NC member.

Issue 03/2014

Treating the body electric

New and existing electrotechnologies offer interesting prospects for medicine

Awareness of the effects of electricity on the human body is not recent. Mentions of treatment using electricity were first recorded in ancient Greece and Rome. In more modern times, the introduction of X-ray equipment in the early 20th century, quickly followed by a myriad of other electric medical devices, paved the way to major advances in medicine. The rollout of entirely new electrotechnologies and fresh approaches in the medical environment are likely to have similar impacts.

Issue 03/2013


Driving and flying made safe

The April issue of e-tech will focus on transportation and more specifically on EVs (electric vehicles), be they electric cars or electric urban transport vehicles.